Mtg violated state laws

Filed a homestead property tax exemption on 2 houses. Illegal

The penalty is double your tax bill.

And public embarrassment and potentially dashed hopes for re-election. Better off without her.

If they left the line blank and deliberately withheld the evidence, they deserve the legal consequences. But why are only Republicans being held to the legal standard, while Democrat politicians breaking laws get waivers and evade prosecution.


They don’t.

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I would be interested in seeing a list of those Democrats who got those wavers. Thanks.

If the penalty is twice the taxes, this would appear not to be a criminal violation.

At least they had the sense not to put that they didn’t have another homestead exemption…that likely would really have been fraud.

Greene is free to believe what she wants and Pelosi and the Democrats removal of her from committees for her beliefs was indeed authoritarian.

However, I cannot imagine myself filing two homestead exemptions.
Or berating other Congresspeople in the halls.

Her district is free to vote for whom they want but surely they could do better.

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I agree. But look at her $ numbers.

A million $ per month is a lot of dough for a Congressman.

Hence the theatrics…The CEC crowd eats that ■■■■ up.

I really liked the time where politics were not theatrics. Ah Truman, that was the good old days.

It always seemed to me that Trump looked at the office as being in the board room of The Apprentice.
It was so obvious that he didn’t have a clue about how the federal government ran. And it was also obvious that he had no motivation to learn it. He wasn’t a great POTUS. He had a few people around him that made policy. And I totally believe the stories that almost daily his WH lawyers had to tell him that he couldn’t do what he was instructing them to do.

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I understand the left needs to pick and concentrate on the biggest nutter on the right but she isn’t that great of a target. Most of the party distances themselves from her and she isn’t that popular within the party rocking a mere 400k on Twitter whereas AOC is a among the top voices of the Democratic party and rocking near 14 million followers, all of the squad dwarfs Greene in popularity and followers.

She is merely one member of the house that the media wants to rise up in popularity to point their fingers at, problem is she isn’t that popular outside her district.


I decided to dig into this a bit, and so far It appears to be a legit complaint.

(G) In the event an individual who is the applicant owns two or more dwelling houses, he shall be allowed the exemption granted by law on only one of the houses. Only one homestead shall be allowed to one immediate family group

That’s from the first link where the terms are defined.

The only part I find ambiguous is the application form. Found here:

The line in question reads: List below the address of any other property where you or your spouse have applied for and been granted a homestead exemption for the current year:

If they didn’t apply for the exemption of their first house that year, the wording of that line sounds like a person wouldn’t have to list it. But they auto renew.

So it looks like there’s little doubt they are in violation. But there’s some ambiguity as to weather they were supposed to list their old address, or if the state officials screwed up and didn’t cancel the old one when they applied for the new one.

Either way, I don’t like the way the form is worded. If it was me, I would just ask “are there any other properties you are already receiving a homestead exemption on?”

Why the “but” it doesn’t negate when illegal activity that Greene and her husband committed.

Let’s just leave your first line and debate that.


cuz what he suggested is true. The law should apply to us all, equally but it doesn’t.


We could start with Brenner and Clapper, Stozyk and Comey lying to congress. Hunter Biden lying on his application for a firearm. Hillary Clinton destroying subpoenaed material.


You know the old saying about libs. If not for double standards and all that. :roll_eyes:


what does that do with the actions of Greene?


Just partisan signaling.


Outrage over a homestead exemption? Tsk, tsk.


Since the “not technically illegal” argument cannot be made here and the “whatabout dems” line has sputtered, I see that the “no big deal” strategy is being attempted now. :rofl:

How about “she was wrong and needs to face the consequences”… or is that diffeRent?


It’s not a big deal, it’s stupid. Pay the fine and move on.