Mostly Peaceful BLM Threatens Violence Yet Again

This is what actual domestic terrorism looks like, but Democrats are preoccupied with putting any parent that disagrees with progressive idiocy on an FBI watchlist. I guess the message now is that unless Democrats succeed in abolishing all police, the peaceful protesting will become even MORE peaceful.

“There will be riots. There will be fire, and there will be bloodshed,” he threatened.


Black Lives Matter of Greater New York is not associated with BLM and Hank Newsome speaks only for himself.

He is a clown.


Hawk Newsom and his organization are not affiliated with BLM.

Actual domestic terrorism looks like a televised debate (or livestream, in this case) with the new mayor-elect?

Such drama.

Yes, about as harmless as a typical school board meeting.


Yeah, that’s not actual domestic terrorism either.

People used to get locked up for making “terroristic threats” but hey, times have changed.


Call the cops?


“Terroristic threats”

“ A terroristic threat is a threat to commit a crime of violence or a threat to cause bodily injury to another person and terrorization as the result of the proscribed conduct.”
And yes by law:
“ In the most serious cases that have widespread effects on the public, a terroristic threat can be classified as a third-degree felony.”
The lack of enforcement I agree, is laughable.

That’s a good starting point.

It’s a law in Texas, much to my surprise.

There may also be adults with spare mags and actual experience. :wink:

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I’ve seen weirder. lol

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Adams is an ex-cop, I don’t think he’s intimidated by this.

I m not familiar with Hank Newsome…

But I d just like to observe that it seems like every time one of these BLM kooks threatens violence or screams about reparations or something the immediate response is “they aren’t affiliated with BLM”…

Yet somehow they always carry the name BLM?

Weird right!


Back must be sore carrying all that water.


I actually knew a guy who was charged with terroristic threats, but he was a juvenile, so he didn’t go to jail or anything.

BLM said that he wasn’t associated with them and that Black Lives Matter of Greater New York was an unsanctioned group back in June 2020.