Most Popular (Vice) President Ever

Jbiden was rejected how many times?

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Twice. 1988 and 2008.


he was not just rejected but basically expelled

but thats back when the press still had a microscopic kernel of actual journalism


Obviously they chose a person who was successful in the 2020 presidential election with his VP nomination even though there had been much conjecture from Republicans during the election campaign about whether Biden would last a full term.

The only thing that was obvious was that the slate if candidate hopefuls was so bad, they made Biden look good. Yeah, he and his worst of the bunch Kamilla beat Trump, but that’s an indictment of Trump, not an indication of Biden’s quality.

And then he won…finally against a weak field of dems and then a weak candidate for re-election in trump.


Correct. Trump was a weak ass candidate. he runs again in 2024 the dems can hope.


weak candidates dont pull in an extra 10 million votes

they take lids, and sit in the house, and call girls “dog face”

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Trump was a weak candidate.

Let’s see the list of one term president who lost re election and tell me which wasn’t weak.

Bush 43


His inability to compromise was a huge weakness.

It was his way or the hiway.

And that weakness cost him a second term.


You never saw that weakness in Reagan. He was almost always will to compromise which endeared himself to a lot of people.


And if its against Biden or Kamala, the Country should cry.

And I myself will be voting third party.

You, you’ll vote for trump.

And there lies the difference.

If it is truly Harris or Biden v trump.

I will vote third party and hope for the best.


Biden is hardly a heavyweight

He’s heavier than Harris.


There is no justification for either Kommie or Clueless Joe. They both suck. Those two idiots coupled with whomever is in the background running them coupled with the Bernie AOC agenda and our country is worse off because of this failed administration.

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They are both failures.

Why did the Republicans choose such a dud of a candidate in 2020 that even Biden could win against?

That’s a really good question.

If joe is a lightweight, how did he knock off a heavyweight like trump?


yeah isnt that interesting…