Most Popular (Vice) President Ever

However Bush did have a son named w, a twice elected lightweight.

Who killed and injured thousands of American soldiers exporting democracy to iraq.

All while searching for non existent wmd.

And you republicans supported him. Lol.


here’s lying harridan Harris building the narrative to rig elections

“Here’s the truth: Not everyone can stand in line for hours to vote in person on Election Day. “

oooh lefties tiptoeing away. shocked

Lol. Harris is actually awful


let it go

but 80million + votes

The guy at the top of the ticket was enough to beat Trump’s ass. That IS the important part. :grin:

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I know…rite…Trump set the all time record for votes by a President…and then at 3:00am…Biden soared past that by another 7 million. Absolutely unbelievable…?

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Are you using this as justification for Harris sucking?

oh well they have at least a half dozen narratives to explain that


problem is, youre not a ■■■■■■■ idiot

Nope…because it happened.

Yep…Trumplicans donated $300+ million to find all this fraud. Trump is looking for it on every golf course he can find. Who would of thought Trump would be so much like OJ. He swore he was gonna find the really killer and looked on every golf course he could find. Turns out they were both full of ■■■■■ :rofl::rofl::rofl:

ah “because if happened”. lol

just like watching the nooooze. imagine that

all about golf huh?

No…all about people still whining about Trump losing 10 months later.


yeah. no one is complaining about trump still except trump supporters.

that’s sweet

Did she invoke LBJ? :rofl:

Don’t try to turn this into another election fraud thread.

What is interesting is that the Democrats nominated someone they had rejected twice before and allowed Biden to name the first person they had rejected this time around as his VP.

oh well my goodness no

she didnt have to lie and be totally fake to win over a few voters

to their dismay, i wont let them

extremely interesting

notice i got no response to why that was so “interesting”