Most Popular (Vice) President Ever

Even democrats can’t stand her

This was evident when she dropped out of the primaries way before brainless spacey hippie Williamson

it’ll be interesting to see what “miraculous” thing she does so that the nit-tard media can trumpet it to make her less awful.

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When I woke up and it’s being told Biden won, I thought…OMG…Kamala will be POTUS b4 2024.

Yeah, Biden well and truly hosed Harris. 0

Those are some happy kids!!

Run faster kids!

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Now would be a good time for a Covid free 3 week vacation at Camp David for Sleepy Joe.

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Joyless Behar says it’s because Kamala’s a woman and black


of course she did. knee buckling stupid.

she’s meteoric!

headed right for the ground.

i wonder. did they pick her because she is so awful and totally unlikeable, she’d take attention away from mumbling bumbling idiot twilight Biden?

Look at her work on the border crisis.

lol. “work”

such wastes

They made sure the people would not want the backup QB in the game.

Risky move. Biden has bad knees.


good point!

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When a team is losing Backup QB is most popular player.

I am tired of the losing and the lousy covid response…where is the game plan?

Interesting given the claims about the mental faculties of Biden and the fact that Biden was elected president and Harris was elected vice-president.

She’s always been a lightweight. Nothing the media can do can change that.


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See Dan Quayle for appropriate comparison.



People were begging Bush to stay alive.


why is that so interesting?

they both sucked

At least Bush was a heavyweight. Quayle was a lightweight.

Same here biden the heavyweight, Harris the lightweight.



but bush wasnt an admitted plagiarist, caught in lies about his class standing and grades, showing signs of dementia/incoherence, and repeatedly displaying odd touching and nuzzling around multiple young (and some adult) girls

there wasnt a total lack of energy or enthusiasm in bush’s campaign, and he had some modicum of class unlike the arrogant loudmouth biden. bush didnt repeatedly denigrate citizens for asking him a toughie question by calling them dog face, or fat.

bush didnt have a loser crack head baby daddy to stripper kicked out of the military son who sat on corrupt boards and made billion dollar pay for plays for Biden that the media ignored, lied about and hard censored.

I could go on. you get the idea. what you’ll do tho is ignore it, and sit and dig up everything you can now on the bush’s as though it compares to the disaster that this admin already is in big part thanks to the unlikeable, ineffectual Harris

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