Moscow Terrorist Attack

Who said that?

Cool, because nobody said direct result.

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Nobody. Yet.

Although Zippy seems to be sniffing around the edges

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Didn’t say it was bidens fault. I merely asked a question. The blame lies directly on the steps of a flawed ideology.

But since you bring it up, do you believe leaving billions of dollars worth of brand new American weapons to terrorists might have emboldened, or discouraged them?

Its certainly whats been intimated.

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Some people are saying… a reliable FOX news tactic.


I doubt either situation would have had any impact on emboldening or discouraging them. Terrorists have little trouble getting what they need to carry out their attacks and by their very nature they are gung ho for their causes.

The moscow attack had nothing to do with Biden but feel free to continue to try and make the most tenous of conmections.

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Who said that?

By you libs. Starting with Dorsalfin within the first 5 posts. Everything else has been in response to that.

But, as is usual for you in multiple threads, you’ve already been called out on multiple fabricated ■■■■ in this one, and we haven’t even gone 30 replies yet.


Excellent destruction of gun laws!

It’s hilarious that you guys (including Trump) blame Biden for every foreign policy disaster on the world stage for the last 3 years, but all of a sudden you’re so very precious here.

It’s almost as if I beat you to the punch, and now you’re on here whinging about it because you can’t blame Biden for it

Literally a few posts before yours, we got the “ISIS is a CIA ops team” hypothesis.

I suppose the hypothesis might be that the CIA is rogue beyond any control.

But that would lead inevitably to “Biden is too weak to drain the CIA Swamp…and/or he doesn’t want to”.

But at any rate, blaming this on the “shadow US government” was literally a few posts before your post.


And precisely one post before STODR’s initial question of who’s blaming Biden…we got a post “Have all the weapons (Biden) left behind in Afghanistan been accounted for”?

et tu, pig? YOU GUYS brought up that blame here.

It’s like a tourette’s tic.

Was his question before or after that?

In response to libs bringing it up.

Now we have three libs in the same pea pod.


Lib dishonesty on parade.

You guys can raise it. But woe betide anyone who response to it.

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Who has made every foreign policy decision for the last 3 years?

Are we pretending like 2015-today doesn’t exist?

leave brandon alone


ISIL. Obama likes ISIL.

We just understand the joys of Islam this is has nothing to do with Biden.