Moscow Terrorist Attack

This is very sad. And confusing.

Yeah. Weird that isis is suddenly resurgent, and weider still the U.S. had some possible foreknowledge (according to some reports).

Jihadists are going to get their jihadi on. Regardless of what else is going on in the world there will always be these attacks. I’m still not convinced it’s ISIS as they are 100’s of these groups in southern Russia much closer than ISIS-k with Russian citizenship.

Is this the first veiled volley in the inevitable “Let’s go Brandon/Thanks Joe” barrage?

I was wondering how you guys might try to make this about Biden

I didn’t mention biden at all.


All the Islamist factions in Afghanistan simmer, boil over for a bit, then simmer again.

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Not so weird, ISIS is a CIA pet project kept alive in Syria by the US. Some reports are that ISIS-K, the Afghani version, is the group making early claims of responsibility. Possible but I discount this until more is known.


well Lord Obama’s CIA led to ISIS so……:man_shrugging:


beat me to it

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Why are you confused?

Lmao it really is a stretch to blame Biden for the attack in Moscow. Ridiculous

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Well, I don’t know?

Have all the weapons biden left for the terrorists in Afghanistan been accounted for yet?

There you go.

Have they?

When in doubt, send the JV Team back out! :wink:


Then I’ll ask you.

Have all the weapons biden left for the terrorists in Afgan been accounted for?

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Who blamed Biden? Seems the only people who brought him up were libs.


Typical lib tactic. Raise a red herring. Blame the other side for it.


You tell me, i have no idea but its a stretch to say that this terrorist attack was a direct result of withdrawing from Afghanistan. But hey we all know Maga disciples dont need proof.

This is going to be the defacto opinion anytime there is a terrorist attach from now on - it only happened becasue of Biden. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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