More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder

Take queers for Palestine as an example.

So Hamas invades Israel and commits some of the most heinous crimes against humanity the world has ever seen. Israel has no choice but to respond. Remember, Israel is the only democracy in the middle east. The only place where you are free to practice whatever religion you choose without harassment. And gays are free to be gays without worry. Yet who do these queers align with? Well authoritarian Islam of course. The same Islam that tortures babies to death. And if any of those queers showed up in Gaza wearing one of those costumes, there would likely be two possible outcomes. They would be thrown off of a building or they would be hanged by the neck until dead. Yet for some reason, they are in love with people who want them exterminated.
As I said. Proof that liberalism is a mental disorder. No other explanation.


They got their alternate lifestyle asses arrested within eleven minutes. The FLHP warned these and other ham-ass loving nimrods against blocking Florida highways. These dumbasses think they’re special? They’re nothing but dumb ■■■■ lawbreakers.
Gonna be date night down in the county hoosegow tonight! :rofl:


If any of those queers for Palestine showed up in Gaza, they’d get gang raped by a few dozen dudes for several days before being mutilated to death.

Rape as a punishment is one of the Great Religion of Peace Pastimes.


I wouldn’t call it liberalism…they’re just ■■■■■■■ retarded. And I don’t use that word lightly either.


Stole the words straight from my keyboard.

Actually, I really do think that whatever “ism” Queers 4 Hamas is , it may seriously be a mental disorder. Not being flippant.

Those turds need not go to Gaza. They piss off a couple of good old Florida swamp red necks things would get ugly right quick. :sunglasses:

Only thing I can think of they have no foundation base their views, life from.


they hijacked the term “liberalism“ because they know that there anything but actual liberals. what they are are deranged leftists


I mean is it possible for them to be this uninformed? Can it be written off as just stupidity? I don’t think so. The only explanation is mental disorder.


willfully ignorant to the point of suicide…

it’s just that they want to take everyone else with them


They have been brain washed, manipulated and indoctrinated into a Marxist cult that even they don’t understand…or even want to understand it.

They are willingly victims.

I agree. They are stupid. Same way I feel about LGBTQ Republicans.

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Are they Jew hating anti semites that embrace genocidal terrorists?

Definitely not the kind of people who should be allowed to roam free on the streets.

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Let’s take for example the left’s superstar witness against Trump in NYC…Stormy Daniels. When cross examined…she says she talks to dead people. Much of her testimony on the stand was reputed by her own self…years earlier in books and television interviews. She is the perfect “mental” representative of today’s Brandonite left.

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Or procreate. :rofl:


She was asked about writing scripts for porn “movies”.

About writing fiction.

She said yes but I always tell the truth. Insinuating that she is putting out fiction about Trump.

Which brought on the question:

Ok you testified under oath a few years ago that you didn’t have sex with Trump and now under oath you are testifying that you did.

Which one is a lie?

So much for she always tells the truth! :roll_eyes:

Comparing republicans to hamas?


What? No. Republicans and hamas are not equal at all.

Well I that is what you just did.

You said you feel the same way about homosexuals who are members of the republican party as you do about homosexuals protesting for hamas.

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