More evidence that liberalism is a mental disorder


I think it’s stupid to support people/ideologies who don’t support you.

So you equated republicans and hamas.

Just like I said.

These people remind me of little kids who take a dare, get into trouble then giggle about it. Negative attention is still attention. These imbeciles are nothing more than narcissistic attention seekers who probably can’t even locate Gaza on a map.

Delaying someone’s day by several hours isn’t the way to gain support. Then again, I doubt they’re looking for support, just a virtue-signaling pat on the back.


Meanwhile, your federal gubment at work…

Bill to fix this introduced into House of Representatives January 2024 guess what’s happened to it.

Sorry, false equivalency. There are openly gay Republicans. Want to take a guess if there are openly gay Hamas ?

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Let me guess … you hate Republicans more. :smirk:


That’s one ugly hooker! Woof! :rofl:

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And that’s with 2 inches of makeup.

I’m reminded of a story I came across recently about another gal who is trying to bed as many men from different countries as she can. I termed her the Interslut.

They are not liberals. Liberalism is good.

Ever notice how they take words used to decribe good things and redefine them to describe ugly things.

What you are calling “liberals” are neo-Marxist fascists.


Double standard. She was just the female version of Ricky Nelson’s “Traveling Man.” :wink:

Not a problem I have: double standards.

I wonder if she wants giverment provided birth control?

From which government?

Well, I suppose which one it is doesn’t matter with the left so long as us eeevil intolerant Christians (especially if white) foot the bill.