More AOC slamming good people in her turd hole city

Sandy the judge and executioner

Hmm, a Marine that served in Afghanistan intervenes WITH OTHER PASSENGERS when a subway freak wigs out and AOC can’t help herself.
What a hypocrite

The guy died after being in a chokehold for 15 minutes? Do we now support choking people to death?

Nice thread title. Classy.


But a 24-year-old former marine decided to take matters into his own hands by walking up on Neely and placing him in a chokehold that subsequently ended his life.

That’s some amazing use of the passive voice…


The problem with New York is, it’s full of New Yorkers. :wink:


Pretty amazing they didn’t arrest the choker really.

Can you just choke someone to death for “ranting”?

Are chokeholds safer than guns for protection or subduing a crazy person?

Turns out…not so much. Both can be deadly.

All those billions for Ukrainian arms and in NYC people go hungry.

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Obviously full details still to come out but someone ranting and raving does not seem to justify a 15 minute chokehold.


I give the choker credit for stepping up. Too many people just stand back and video threats.

I don’t know if I would have the courage to intervene with direct contact on a crazy person. But if I did, I wouldn’t have let go until he stopped fighting. If the guy kept fighting back for the whole 15 minutes, then the 15-minute choke hold was warranted. If the nutjob stopped after 2 minutes and the choker kept holding on for 13 minutes, that’s problematic.

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I edited somewhat. Sorry, I must agree.
The “chokehold” has been described by others that participated in the restraining of this man as not forceful enough to kill him.
How about we wait until an investigation is completed.

He was also throwing trash and who knows what else at passengers. The man also has a criminal record that includes assaults.
Give all the details.

But it did kill him.

A rear naked choke will kill anyone, if it’s applied constantly for 15 minutes.

Well, that certainly justifies murdering him.

Case closed.


Why don’t otners intervene I don’t understand this new society an I am still under 40 where are the bystanders to step in and stop what’s going on (probably filming on their cellphones). Seriously 15 minutes is a long time where are the cops, no one could step in?

I’m interested in whether the killer was a New Yorker, or a tourist.

If he’s a New Yorker, he’s ontologically evil.

If he’s from out of town, some of the blame should be apportioned to right-wing media.

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I never would have guessed what the thread was about from the title, I assumed Amazon center or something, not choking someone to death over 15 min.


I just saw a clip of this while watching Newsmax and it shows two other men, (one black, one white), trying to hold the man down while he was in the choke hold. It looks like he put up quite a fight which probably contributed to his demise.

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If some guy on the subway attacked me from behind and put in me a chokehold, I’d put up a fight, too.


And that still does not justify taking a mans life.

As I said I do not know all the details bit if the guy was held in a chokehold for 15 minutes that does seem excessive.

Civilians are being victimized, cops are in short supply and under appreciated. Civilians fighting back will not be tolerated by the left.
Instead of Eric Adams housing illegal invaders in posh hotels why doesn’t he spent those bazillions of taxpayer dollars on drug treatment and mental health for his city’s homeless?

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