Morally Superior

What is your political philosophy?

  • Conservative
  • Progressive
  • Justice Democrat
  • Establishment Dem or Repub
  • Locke Liberal

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Is your political philosophy morally superior to the other side of the aisle? Why?

  • Yes
  • No

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Please explain why you identified as you did. If your philosophy is not there, feel free to specify by posting.

The morally superior is in the context of your political philosophy.

Please be civil and stay on topic.

Liberalism is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law

I believe the fundamentals and principles expressed above, along with the concepts of individual freedom and property rights to be morally superior to all other philosophies. Mostly because of acknowledgement of the individual. And they are the principles on which this country was founded.

I have some liberal tendencies, but most of mine are conservative in nature. No I don’t think my views are morally superior to others.

Political philosophies are man made. Not divine. Neither of our two prevailing philosophies is morally superior.

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Conservatism is based on Biblical truths about man. Admittedly, there are few politicians that uphold Biblical principles any more, which is why our country is going to Hell, but the Conservative philosophy is morally superior.

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Morally superior does not require divine.

Heck of a point.

My political philosophy (Justice Democrat) is based on my morality. And yes I believe that philosophy is morally superior to the others (philosophies).

Which is very different than saying that people who hold other philosophies are less moral.
And it is not saying that the other philosophies have a net minus morality.


Is it? Can you explain how please? Because I can make the same argument with Justice Democrats, socialism and even communism (as espoused, not practiced). And I will win.

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Can you explain why please?

My take is…for starters…Do what you want, marry who you want. As long you’re consenting adults and no one is getting harmed, more power to ya. I believe in a safety net for the poor, if you’re not being a bum and you’re out there trying. Healthcare should be a right, no one should have to go without decent healthcare because they can’t afford it. The wealthy should pay more in taxes than they do now, no ridiculous write offs where they end up paying next to nothing. Legalize weed. Don’t be the world police, but don’t be isolationists either…I’ll let you all decide what category that puts me in…lol

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I think it is important to remember the context is political philosophies. I could have worded it better.

Why should your philosophy be the guide for government?

Is that progressive? If so, how so?

Just edited my reply…not sure what category I would fall in.

I don’t like ideological terms, and have never found one that works for me. My political philosophy is not rigid.

But at least in a sense, I do believe that my positions on various issues are “morally superior” - because if there was a position contrary to the one I took that I found more “moral”, then I would have taken that position.

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Conservative. The government should secure and protect our nation, take care of those who served, and let citizens live their lives as they see fit. Freedom.

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I don’t think it falls neatly into one. Your post switches back and forth between a couple. Individual freedom on some topics, then wealth redistribution.

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Fair enough.

Ideological terms merely encapsulate those beliefs. You can modify them. Or “mostly progressive” or whatever.

Based off our conversations, I know what I would call you.

Yes, I am aware that I can modify terms, or even create new ones out of whole cloth, if I chose.

But what’s the point?