Moon or College?

so funding to return man to the moon by 2024 or Pell Grants.

“Under a budget amendment sent to Congress Monday evening, the administration would use an additional $1.9 billion in surplus Pell Grant money to fund other budget priorities, including an infusion of new cash for NASA “so that we can return to Space in a BIG WAY!” President Donald Trump tweeted.”

why cant we have both?

or is that beyond trumps understanding?


We cant afford $1.9billion in Pell Grant’s to help people afford college because we passed tax cuts for corporations that added $500bil to the deficit


If we set up a college on the lunar colony… :thinking:

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Duh! You won’t have to pick!

All of the Democrat Politicians are already promising free college tuition! lol.

They’re also setting up for another trillion dollar war.

Democrats need American’s as slaves to pay for their free college and healthcare for the world with their plans for an open borders.

Really, billions are wasted on illegal immigration and your complaining about this.

The Midwest is getting $12 Billion to buy their votes because of the trade war.


Yes. I am complaining about $1.9billion being taken from Pell Grant funding. What’s your point?


Neither. Those are not the only choices. Get the national debt under control. Unfortunately for neither party has done anything other than run up the debt for over 50 years.

BTW college debt is mainly due to the greed of the colleges. There is no reason that the cost of education must far out pace the rate of inflation. I would like to see a few college presidents testify as to why they are charging so much.

Those were the choices that the president and his minions choose from. there is no none of the above.

they choose moon over college.


Do you think that college gets cheaper or more expensive once government gets involved? Do you believe that colleges bear any responsibility for gouging students the way that they do?

The government has been involved in colleges for many years. The problems started when the states stop funding the colleges and the student loan became unbankruptable.

Regardless of how it’s funded, college tuition rates have doubled the rate of inflation. Should college presidents be expected to explain why? Why do they need twice as much as the rest of the world? Where is that money going?

In my opinion, the whole university system is a scam. We really need to get rid of the student loan program and it would fix a ton of problems. It would also collapse the university system though.

Shouldnt the magic hand be taking care of this?

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Doing away with general education courses could help a lot of people. Not that you shouldnt be “generally educated”, but you shouldnt need to pay $xxx to do so. If you want, more power to you. But taking say 30 credit hours of random stuff you never use in the working world seems unreasonable. The world is a big place, and the real world has prepared me better than colleges have. Especially when you take into account the cost of tuition.

I think there is a lot of room for unique trade schools, but HR and employers need to re evaluate their education requirements

I asked my question first. So the polite thing to do would be answer it. After your reply, I will reply to you. You know, taking turns?

There is no reason that the cost of education must far out pace the rate of inflation. I would like to see a few college presidents testify as to why they are charging so much.

Agreed. Fix the scam before looking for better ways to fund the scam.

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There wasnt a single question or question mark in the post of yours that I responded to