Mollie Hemingway and Victoria Collier agree, there is election fraud taking place

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gotta have your rig!

Is that what they say in Utah?

no they have mail in there because the pop density is low and it makes sense.

So you support unlimited mail-in voting in rural areas, and no mail-in voting in urban areas?

It makes sense if you’re a Republican. Make it easier for your voters and harder for their voters.

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“Corrupt” is an interesting way of putting it. Regardless, this idea that it’s ok for people in Utah but not for people in major cities is curious, and not really based on anything factual, but more on your feelings about people in cities who vote for Democrats.

Trump this, and Trump that, seems to be an intentional tactic to deflect, obfuscate and misdirect any productive discussion concerning the integrity of our election process.

Please take your political partisan crap elsewhere.


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Maybe they’re not this guy? :rofl:

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Or these people?

Four people pleaded guilty on Monday to misdemeanors for their roles in absentee ballot fraud in rural North Carolina during the 2016 and 2018 elections.

Or these folks? :crazy_face:

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He even posted a meme to make it crystal clear.

“Inner city” folks can’t be trusted.

But removing polling places in high density areas does makes sense? Which makes it harder to vote, which makes mail in voting a better option for those in the “inner cities”…See how that works? There’s gotta be a better way to get the “inner city” to stop voting…lol

Making it easier for people in Utah to vote = no voter fraud

Making it easier for people in the “inner city” to vote = voter fraud

what i dont support is “all of a sudden” mail in elections in corrupt high pop areas under the bs excuse that it’s safer than going to polls

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yeah lol. dread the thought of having to invest energy in voting

But why? A vote means the same thing regardless of if you stood in line or dropped it off at a mail box. The amount of effort required is just posturing.


and nice job ignoring all the harvesting

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Nothing wrong with ballot harvesting unless it’s the other side doing it, apparently.