"Molecules of U.S. Freedom" and "Freedom Gas"

oh boy. we are living in some strange times. Fossil fuels have joined the ranks of Freedom Fries.

This just seems really weird to me. Like no one could be so dumb that they would cheer it.

Your entire lifestyle is thanks to freedom fuels …Before that the average person was a slave, serf ,or peasant…


well. there’s one.


They had to come up with something that the â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  can sorta grasp.

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You’ve already forgotten about freedom fries?

Why does this â– â– â– â–  only pop up in Republican presidencies?


This label is being applied to the exporting of these fuels and how it’s marketed to other countries? K.

I had to check if that was a satire article. People fall for those at times. That’s so stupid.

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What’s next, the Smog of Liberty? The Pollution of Patriots?

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I was running on Freedom Fumes yesterday and had to stop by the Liberty Mart to rebalance my 'Merica Molecules.

Is some right wing talk show dude coming up with this stuff?

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So if your car leaves a puddle, it’s just a freedom leak?

Stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time.

Why not? We’ve got people who’ve got it so good that they’re easily oppressed by inanimate objects or place names so how is it a big deal if others take an opposite track?

No. But how about Freedom Feces for certain West Coast towns?

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I fuel my car with Bald Eagle piss. And when you rev up on it you can hear the star spangled banner.

Murica! â– â– â– â–  yeah!


Gasification (works in cars too)


You’ve brought up feces before as I recall. Do you have some sort of fixation?

That’s not far from the truth. Do you then believe that the rise of the modern middle class can be attributed to the drawdown of ancient sunlight?

No, at least no more so that Arthur and Patsy did as they, um, “rode” through the village on their way to meet Sir Bedevere (IIRC).

But then I live in Texas, not those particular towns out of all the towns on the West Coast.

(here in Texas, like many places, we want you to check your boots if you’re outstanding in your field, not so much if you’ve been walking down the street)

With coal, yes. Some debate the ultimate basis for many (though not necessarily all) sources of petroleum or gas may be had.

In any event, a fuel source that is potent, portable, reasonably easy to find but not insanely dangerous / inflammable and which does not use use rare elements it the only reason we had much of an Industrial Age.

… ummm, also fuel that isn’t made from food or is stronger drink.

Molecules of US Freedom

Neutrons of nationalism

From sea to shining subatomic particles of American liberty

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