"Molecules of U.S. Freedom" and "Freedom Gas"

Amazing. These people are reading little quips in some obscure press release and have a hizzie fit over what may have been an awkward phrase.
You can’t deal with people like that.
And it wasn’t just any fossil fuels…it was natural gas which these same people were pushing as a cleaner form of energy in saner times.
The left is totally insane. I am convinced.

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I am sorry you can not recognize laughing at an idea versus having a hizzie. The phrase isn’t awkward. It’s down right silly. But go on keep running defense of all things Trump.


So you admit it is an attack…and a silly one at that.
Its a tiny little phrase in a presser, for gosh sakes.

It’s people saying ha ha for gosh sakes.

Mocking does not seem to be something conservatives get.

Oh please. Mocking is also a form of political attack. When people complain about attacks on Trump, Dems in this forum are quick to bring up the “mustard” add and mommy jeans as an example of an attack on Obama.

Saying haha to a silly idea is a political attack? Lol. Some folks really do love being a victim.