MN cops shoot and kill another black man

Still waiting for more information, and body cams were reportedly on, so we’ll learn a lot more.

What is being reported - man pulled over for having air fresheners on his rear view…had a warrant out…got back in the car…they shot him.

Lots of blanks to be filled in, but…pulled over for air fresheners on the rear view??? What?

This reminds me of our discussions on the black army Lt. who got pepper sprayed…pulled him over for no tags, despite there being a new car tag clearly visible in teh body cam footage.

Any excuse to pull people over…

Terrible tragedy.

Even if this kid had a warrant, so what? Do you shoot him for ignoring you?

Again, lots of details missing, so we’ll learn more about this I’m sure. But heard on teh radio that this incident is close to where teh trial for G. Flyod is being held.

Sad stuff.

This is what he told his mother on the phone during the arrest. Is this true? Or is it what he believed. It was learned during the stop that he had existing warrants, and when told about this…well that is when the trouble started.

I agree let’s wait until it all comes out…but honestly it’s too late. He is dead and the protesters have already turned violent. But there is more to this than just air fresheners.

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We don’t know.

Stupid idea to jump back in the car after finding out you’re going to jail.

Oh well, let’s tear ■■■■ up before all the facts are known.


Maybe so.

But a warrant is nothing to shoot someone over.

They will have to show him getting back in the car put their lives, or the lives of others in danger.

Stupid idea to jump back in the car after finding out you’re going to jail. Oh well, those small businesses have it coming.


Yes, they’re are.

Highly doubtful

Not a great idea. Who knows what the warrant was for. Certainly not air fresheners.

Stupid idea to hire cops who can’t take a young man off to jail without shooting him.


I don’t find that doubtful at all.

Heck, right now, we have video evidence of cops pulling over black man for not having tags on his car, even though there are tags visible in the body cam footage.

Cops do this ■■■■ all the time.

Sure. Policing in this country is broken. So was that moron’s brain.

Let’s riot first, ask questions later.

Wait. Never mind. Let’s just riot anyway. :roll_eyes:

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Unless they can show his actions put lives in danger, they are’t supposed to shoot him. Doesn’t matter what the warrant is for.

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Any excuse for terrorists to terrorize.

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So, before we know all the facts, the black kid who got shot and killed in a traffic stop is a moron.

That’s convenient.


Yes, jumping back in the car after finding out he was going to jail makes him the dumb ■■■■ of the day.


Hundreds of protesters chanting Daunte Wright’s name gathered late on Sunday outside the police headquarters in Brooklyn Center.

Tensions rose as police donned riot gear, and two police vehicles were pelted with stones and jumped on, Reuters news agency reported.

Protesters wrote with chalk on pavements and lit candles, but police later ordered the protesters to disperse, with footage showing tear gas and stun grenades being fired by officers.

Nothing but normal protest so far. Some folks will immediately spout propoganda about imaginary burned shops though.

As you said, you don’t know all of the facts yet. Nor do I.

They do it to white people, too. :woman_shrugging:

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Guess they should wait to see if he was jumping back into his car to take an air freshener to jail with him?


Darwin Award material.