MLB moves All-Star Game over Ga. voting law

Good call, MLB.

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Smart move.


Dumb asses.


Unleash the conservative boycott of MLB!!!


When should we expect MLB to be threatened by Georgia lawmakers?

I agree, just because Trump** got butt stomped in a free and fair election, it’s no reason to pass laws to suppress minority votes.

Things like the MLP moving games is the result of the politician dumb asses.



I’m not sure moving the all star game is the right response, but there needs to be a response.

It will get their attention.

Georgia should have learned from the “Bathroom Bill” debacles. A corporation has no need to favor one state over the next or associate itself with a state that is violating the rights of its citizens for partisan gain. There are 49 other states more than willing to get that business.

Georgia is blessed with some major businesses, like Delta and Coca Cola. The last thing you want to do is irritate them with this sort of idiocy.

There are some things in the bill which are actually good, by the way. The few things in it that were bad, though, were really bad and blatantly biased against black voters.

Limited voting on Sundays? That is a black thing.

Not allowing people to give water to folks in line? Apparently once they are 150 feet from the poll they aren’t allowed, beyond that they are? Makes no sense. And long lines are a black thing, which makes this rule stupid.

The timing is also bad, it seems reflexive and due to the losses incurred in the prior election. Why do this now? It all looks so bad. Plus, they signed it in a room with a picture of a plantation behind the desk and had a Black Woman arrested for knocking on the door of the room right before they signed. Horrible optics.

Now they are going to start paying the piper for their stupidity.


Easy call.


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I agree.

Is this 1960 or 2021?

It’s a shame we are still talking about voter rights being limited




Yes. MLB must be punished!!!


What a shocking series of events.

Good for mlb. People want to stop watching? Fine. That’s your right. Go watch rugby or badminton.

Good call Georgia for standing it’s ground against woke bullies who want to tinker with the laws of a sovereign state.

Congratulations Georgia! I hope others find the courage to not worship at the idol of wokeness.


We’re not. I’m still searching for the part of the law that does that. Do you have anything?

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Cancel culture? :rofl:

It won’t work. Conservatives never get this right.

Conservatives are calling for a boycott. Cancel culture is delicious, isn’t it?

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