Mitch McConnell is stepping down as Senate Leader

in November. Will serve out the rest of his Senate term until 2027.

Wonder who the successor will be - Rick Scott ? Cruz ? Especially important with Republicans likely to regain majority next year.

About time…best thing he ever done was to prevent ■■■■■■■ Garland out of SCOTUS.


Big moves.

should have never run for relection.

his time is way up.


Btw,… It sure was nice of mitch to take this time to announce, and deflect attention away from the other big news of the day.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

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And finally, gold bar bob is still a sitting U.S. seantor.

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Why is he waiting until November?

Did his brain freezes purge the word immediately from his system?

I thank Senator McConnell for his service…

In particular for keeping the creepy corrupt Merrick garland off the Supreme Court.
That said…he’s been a Senator since what 1985…no one should serve in that office for that long. 2 terms max.
He’s 82 years old….no one past the age of 75 should even be running for office.

He should take Pelosi, Schumer and that disgusting Joe Biden with him.


He’s certainly been there a while.




Great news!

Part of an unfortunately dying breed in Washington - the Reagan conservatives.

I just hope the Republicans in the Senate are more responsible than their counterparts in the House in choosing new leadership. Given recent history though, that may be far too high of an expectation.

Hate the guy, but damn if he wasn’t good at what he did.

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I would say it is simply to finish out the cycle. There’s enough upheaval already.

At least he finally recognized it, unlike some holding even higher office.


I agree. I heartily encourage Republicans to hold a Senate majority leader vote in a presidential year. It went so well for the House last year, I can see why you’re as excited as I am.

John Thune running the ship lol. We’re going to keep the Senate aren’t we.

Pretty difficult to imagine Ds keeping the Senate with 23 D seats up for re-election vs. only 11 R seats.

One of the D seats is all but assured to flip with Joe Manchin retiring.

Bout the only good thing i can think of.

Too many compromises with the dems.

Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out Mitch.