Missouri Bans All Federal Gun Laws in Proposed Bill

This is not just a Second Amendment issue as this will have constitutional ramifications across a range of things, such as the right of States to Nullify certain federal laws/regulations, and I welcome any such examples of what impacts this bill would have on other case precedent (or impacts of any kind).

Missouri Republicans control 2/3rd’s of both the State House and Senate right now, so this time a veto isn’t even an option (Good riddance to Jay Nixon), and we have no legal obligation to enforce federal gun laws (Prigg v. Pennsylvania).

We already have Constitutional Carry (the right to carry concealed firearms without a permit), and if this passes we will also have protection for our cannabis patients from having their guns confiscated. I hope this passes completion soon, as it will couple perfectly with our 2014 Constitutional Amendment declaring our rights to bear arms as Unalienable.


Pass it! Pass it!


It’ll be fun to watch the back and forth with this one. :popcorn:

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News of this bill started garnering attention on March 19th, just days after the New Zealand incident.

Fear of more restrictions on our rights will perhaps help push this bill through.

Looks like we won’t be having any of that nonsense here for much longer. Last I heard, no one here ever took their bumpstocks off the shelves.

This reminds me of the can of worms that Trump opened up yesterday with his college order.

Revoke all FFLs in Missouri. Easy peasy.

You have follower 6ft. :wink:

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Oh yeah, it’s old hat. Similarly, the CEC was pushing the “Obama coming to get your guns!” narrative hard back in the day, and while I don’t recall any related legislation inspired by the fearmongering it did cause a sharp spike in gun sales. The gun industry certainly wasn’t complaining.


Show me state is showing em how it’s done.


During the Obama years is when our county Sheriffs first started going on the record as saying they will not enforce certain federal laws within their counties, and the idea has been gaining popularity ever since. This works out very well for me and a lot of my fellow Missourians regardless of their voting preference.

I noticed. I’ll wipe better next time so I don’t track anything in. lol


So it is not up to the state to enforce federal law or report anyone that is breaking it?

While i agree with it this sentiment sure is an about face of what is said in illegal immigration laws threads…

Missouri is becoming its own form of a sanctuary state… i wonder if the same people demand they lose all federal funding or have the politicians thrown in jail for violating federal law…

Yeah… i remember the all the support the right gave to cities and states that werent going to enforce federal immigration laws…

Correction, our three biggest population centers are becoming cesspools of illegal immigrants. Americans still work on the roads and utilities out here.

That’s the Six Foot I know! I knew you had it in you!

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Like I said, stoking fears of gun grabbing/increased regulation never did the industry any harm.

Right. I’m flattered by this newfound infatuation, but I’m happily married, and I have all my kids with the same woman. Thanks anyway. :hugs:

I hope they keep it up. I won’t get my hopes up, but I love the idea of machine guns being brought back to market.

It’s just like no one profits MORE from mass shootings than the NRA and gun manufacturers.

You’re thinking small. I was hoping for RPGs and Hellfire missiles.