Missouri Bans All Federal Gun Laws in Proposed Bill


Personal preference I suppose. I was a machine gunner on both my deployments, so I’m partial to arms over ordnance.


Profits are inevitable with all the free advertising they get from the media.


When leading dems say things like “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ‘em all in” it kinda stokes those fears.


Who said that and in what context?




I want a phased plasma rifle in 40 Watt range. And don’t tell me only what I see.


Is it ANY surprise that the same crowd that is used and abused by Trump is also used and abused by the NRA/gun makers?

They’re useful idiots.


I wouldn’t dream of it. I know you can’t be reasoned with, you can’t be bargained with, and you absolutely will not stop - ever.


I’m going to make a prediction in song about the chances this bill has, even if passed.

“Shot Down In Flames” by AC/DC…great song, and oh so appropriate. :rofl:


Have fun but if the federal law is found to be constitutional then it isn’t going to be removed by a state law.


I like the bill… it’s toothless propaganda gleefully supported by those with little knowledge of federal supremacy…

Under this act, no public officer or state or local employee has the authority to enforce firearms laws declared invalid by the act.

Agreed… State officials should never enforce federal law…


Absolutely not. Centgov law is in violation of the Constitution.


Better than being a useless idiot.


They aren’t trying to remove it.


Which federal laws have Missouri state officials been enforcing that this bill will prohibit them from enforcing?


Won’t matter before long. Who was deported by local cops before sanctuary cities?


Why won’t it matter? Are federal prosecutors in Missouri going to start declining to prosecute violations of federal law? Are FFL’s in Missouri going to ignore federal laws?


Because local cops will be prohibited. You didn’t answer my question.


Are they enforcing federal law today?


Are they enforcing immigration law today?