Missing out on the chance for change

Here in a conservative stronghold “the Hannity forums”, this poster wishes to simply open up a serious conversation about the events unfolding surrounding the now violent uprising all across the country. Strong in our own personal convictions are we capable of stepping outside of them long enough to see if they are in fact 100% valid, on both sides of the equation. Watching the events in our nation unfold breaks my heart as it fills my head with millions of questions, leaving my soul gasping for air, struggling to breath.

We had great opportunity for few brief moments on both sides and throughout individuals walks of life who agreed what happen to George Floyd was not just police brutality and wrong…but that it should never have happen.

Welcome to Hannity.

lol… much to learn.


Welcome and maybe a little more clarity might be needed. Like what stronghold? Which event is breaking your heart? Thanks in advance

Welcome. And I agree. I have not seen any democrat proposing any change. They need to fix this. The change cannot come from republicans. Republicans are demonized and ridiculed whenever they dabble in racial politics. Time for dems to make a proposal.

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Welcome to the forum.

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Now that the republic — the res-publica — has been settled, it is time to look after the res-privata, — the private state, — to see, as the Roman senate charged its consuls, “ne quidres-PRIVATA detrimenti caperet,” that the private state receive no detriment.”

  • Henry David Thoreau, Life Without Principle.

I have always taken the above sentence by Thoreau to be clear. When the Roman Senate created the worlds very first Res Publica, or Public State; Republic, as well at that very instance they created the first Res Privita, or Private State. It becomes clear that one State was not born without the other State, nor can either exist without the other to sustain it.
No matter which of the many sides of this issue one may find themselves leaning towards all sides will agree as Americans that in our very collective DNA, past, present, and future the State; our Government, and all it’s organs, and appendages, and the Private State; our God given natural right to exist as we see fit in accordance thereof, have never been nor will they ever be in direct conflict with each other. In short we are the latest installment in a long line of freedom loving, peoples; that have all come, and gone over time, from enemies without, as well as from enemies from within.
Carrying such an intense torch; as the one of freedom is, will undoubtably burn the hands of it’s holder from time to time; I know I am feeling it now.
The murder of George Floyd, did not really happen. Derek Chauvin did nothing wrong. As a matter of public, and open record, and in no conflict with any other testimony or evidence, as well as three other officers swearing that Floyd was fighting them all, and that they tried to help him, not hurt him. It becomes most clear, and convincing that it was in fact Floyd’s own fault that he died, end of story close the book.
Now if that just sounds crazy, it really isn’t, why?
This is why.
The above scenario is a pretty close approximation of how Floyd’s murder would have been told by the very murders themselves, and with full support of the State Attorney there no doubt, except… Except for one thing, and that thing is that a little girl had a phone in her hand; thank god, and recorded the truth that is self evident, prima facie, clear, and convincing.
If there was no little girl with her phone, do we expect that these officers would have come forward after murdering Floyd, and to admit what they had just done? Of course not, they would have set in motion the above first scenario described, of how Floyd’s own actions caused his death, not the actions of the depraved Chauvin.
If it takes the happenstance luck of a small girl, and her phone camera to prove that American citizens are in fact being brutally, and publicly murdered, then the very system itself is failing miserably, and maybe even incapable of functioning as it should without new legislation to compel it to do so.
It must be noted that we fixate on the video itself; as we should, but know first, and foremost that a little girl shot it. She was not a 50 year old seasoned camera man fresh from the war front having seen death often, and up close. She was just a little girl walking down her street. She was not a member of any left or right wing group, fanatical or otherwise. She was just a little girl walking down her street. Because she had her camera with her, we know what she saw that day, as she walked down her street.
That little girl had no choice but to stop that day, and get involved because the police in her neighborhood, on her street, were murdering someone right in front of her, in broad daylight, in front of everyone else there as well, brazenly, and arrogantly.
That little girl is not a little girl anymore, she now too is seasoned no doubt, and no longer a stranger to the face death itself. No little girl should have to experienced what she did on any street in America, ever.
I hope she will be ok in her life as it unfolds over time for her.
It is not the just injustice, and outrage of Mr. Floyd’s experience, but of that little girls also, and all those who witnessed it that day. If not for that little girl’s camera it would have been public murder in front of dozens with no accountability at all.
Understand those people, that little girl, and others will carry that horror with them all forever. And one has to ask, how many other stories like that in fact exist. I ask where is the actual data that proves it is actually 99.9% of all Police that are perfected? If a traumatized little girls phone camera is our best protection against being publicly murdered then this issue is bigger than we all want to except.
We are failing the founders, as we seemingly, and clearly are not getting it right. Did they even ever envision such a large Police State as ours, or it have such power of instant removal of life, and liberty, with no accountable checks or balances to it, with it’s only hand brake a little girl, and her camera?
As the Roman Republic grew so did it’s Police force. In the end it’s most honored; and noble Police force, the Pretorian Guard abused it’s power to actually remove, and install leaders of it’s own choosing; sound familiar, Comey?
We are actually in a Constitutional crisis from top to bottom concerning abuse of Police force, Prosecutorial force, and Judicial force, as all three work in concert, making up the third branch of our Republic.


Breaking in, en masse, and stealing luggage, electronics and wilding across the country has replaced that moment with most people at this point. It has now reinforced the stereotypes that are blamed, in part for the origin of events like that in Minnesota.
You can see it in the change in the comments sections at sites like Yahoo News.

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I had a friend when I was 12 years old. He was dirty, smelly “urine bad”, and weird. At first I noticed he would make little voices, and damned if he didn’t have a sense of humor too!
Being a class clown I admired his ability to make these voices, and the things he said made me crack up. In short he became my friend right then, and there.
His stepfather beat him so badly he constantly urinated himself, I witnessed the terrorizing.
Everyone judged him without knowing the experiences that made up who he was. Looking outside in on someone elses current manifestations resulting from there prior experiences is like me judging my friend solely on his smellling like urine.
My point is it is no doubt far more generational an issue than simply looting today. Can you really not see a breakdown in the third Branch entirely from the highest high, to the lowest low.
What we are wtinessing is years of helplessness now exploding.
I believe Donald Trump is fighting the same broken Judicial Leviathan as are the rioters. Him at the very top, them the very bottom. He really could usher in accountability for everyone at every level, he really could.
He first needs to ackowledge the abuses of the Juducial Branch are so complete, and insulated that bold new ideas are needed.
We must acknowledge our Police forces do in fact kill us publicly, and that they do use their trusted power to deny us our democratic process of leaders bt fair election.
I would not believe both things would ever be happening concurrently in America, but they are happening.
Top to bottom the third Branch is terminally ill, even Donald Trump isn’t safe!

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Nope. That isn’t what they are thinking when they burn and loot. They’re thinking “I want that luggage and no one is going to stop me”, if they are thinking at all.

The activity of looting, and destruction is a part of what a breakdown looks like, it is ugly, ugly, ugly, and shows our ugly, ugly, ugly side no doubt.
You are right they want something. Your right it is disgusting. Personally I would rather watch luggage being stolen than a human being publicly murdered by a grinning member of Law Enforcement any day.
Your answer to why destruction is happening is too simple for such a huge, systemic, generational, Constitutionally complex problem, and one that has led us to this very old, but seemingly current problem.
We can’t shoot our way out of this, when the people themselves are numb from far too many shootings, and deaths on there streets already.
Do you not see the remedy is worse than the problem? It is worse because it makes it so. I believe most of the people on those streets come from America’s forgotten battle fields.
I do sadly, believe they feel dying violently is inevitable for most of them anyway, so why not die standing, and fighting, even as misguided, and reckless as it may seem. Anything is better than dying on their stomachs, hands cuffed, swarmed, and strangled?
These rioters truly believe they have no other choice, nothing else has worked, the system has failed them, and insulated itself from real accountability, and they are in fact dying in vast numbers already. We need to wake up, and not start killing either the Cops or our citizens; too many have died already for sure.

“If the injustice is part of the necessary friction of the machine of government, let it go, let it go; perchance it will wear smooth - certainly the machine will wear out. If the injustice has a spring, or a pulley, or a rope, or a crank, exclusively for itself, then perhaps you may consider whether the remedy will not be worse than the evil; but if it is of such a nature that it requires you to be the agent of injustice to another, then, I say, break the law. Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine.”

  • Thoreau Civil Disobedience
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There is no excuse for anyone believing they have the right to inflict their violence on another innocent human being and I stand against them.

Welcome to the forum ResPrivita.


Yes. Why is it that the poor are always targeted by these people?

It is now clear why so many AR platform firearms are owned.

I like this new member.

Civilian being killed by a policeman = one thing
burning and looting = another thing

Access. Inability to drive consequences.

I think we all agree about what is right, and what is wrong, and there seems to me to be a lot of wrong on all sides lately, with no real attempts to even begin to attempt to solve what is causing it.
Americans are good people with a very inhumane history that runs right along side our most our outstanding one, of sacrifice for the “right.”
America has always been a contradiction in freedom, and we still are not fully realized yet. This is a major chance to open that door more, and effect real change.
The kind of change that ensures no cop, prosecutor, or judge can destroy our great Constitutional promises to anyone with out a real fear based on swift, and serious consequences if they do.
I am livid our own President was framed by bad cops, prosecutors, and judges.
And I am livid as well for the people suffering under police frame ups, and the like; cops don’t exclusively erode trust via murder only.
The President, and all the way down even to a little girl just walking down the street with her cell phone camera simply are not safe anymore in America. The problem is the same for both, a corrupt huge Leviathan instead of a Judicial branch.

And you were doing so well! We don’t agree on this at all.

What do you not agree on?
Please be specific.