Missing out on the chance for change

That what’s right it right and wrong is wrong or that we “all agree on it”.

We don’t all have anywhere near the same morality.

And “right” and “wrong” are mostly useless terms anyway.

Exactly right.
That is why we are a nation beholden to the Constitution for our collective, and agreed upon morality for lack of a better word.
Our military swears to give there life for the Constitution, not to the Country, or President, but the Constitution exclusively.
The Constitution is everything, and the entireity of the Judicial branch has removed itself from it, seemingly acting wholly independent, and in too many unaccountable ways, and criminally.
Our police now drive blacked out cars, and wear blacked out masks, and military gear, and weaponary.
Our highest cops, and judges frame sitting Presidents to remove them, against the peoples will.
This much bigger than “training”, or removing a bad prosecutor.

Close. for a moral government. The Constitution does not set standards for me, it sets them for the government.

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No. I didn’t swear to give my life.

Actually you did if you were in the military.

“I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;”

I take “defend” to mean you would fight to protect all of what is within it, if it were under assault. Or maybe your idea of defend is to, what not fight, maybe run, and hope it all just works out?
Well when one fights there is a chance of death, military fights tend to kill people.

Actually I was. I took that oath several times and it doesn’t have an expiration date.

I never swore to give my life to anybody or anything. I did tell them I would do their killing for them.

If I had sworn to give my life, I’d either be dead or still killing.

Free Free Free Free Free . . . . . and when it comes to the ballot box, they want the elected officials to privide more free free free free money and things for them. Unfortunatly that is not evident to most urban voters. Once they’ve taken everything from the rich how they going to get their free free free free stuff?

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Ahhhh, Ok?
I respect your service, thanks.
But when you joined up I’m sure you knew you just might find yourself in a situation of killing or being killed. What ever the oath you swore to meant to you it is clear by reading it, you swore to defend the Constitution, and I assume with your life right.
Or does defending mean a best of three game of cribbage.
Again, thank you for your service.

Can you define rich?

What breaks my heart is everyone ignoring the deaths of our elderly by some of the Governors!

And that has what exactly to do with this thread?

Broken heart!

Well for the “wealth tax” some dem’s are poropsing, it’s a net worth of $50 million dollars.

And anyone with a net worth of $50 million are rich.