Minnesota Lawmakers Have Serious Questions Regarding Omar but the MSM Remains Silent?

Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson stated that “most” of the MSM is a left wing tool that’s trying to remove her from running for the office of the President. I agree. The MSM has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the left. President Trump exposed this hypocrisy and labeled it…“fake news” and the name has stuck.

Presently, some lawmakers (here’s a video of the actual request) in Minnesota have called for an investigation into improprieties involving Ilhan Omar but I don’t see anything about this important news? Why is that? Where is an article from CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, NYT regarding this? Is this fake news or is the MSM attempting to cover this story up? What say you?

Can’t watch the video right now but the headline suggests more BS. Minnesota lawmakers ordering the IRS? Anything seem odd about that?

A thread based on the “source” of a youtube channel that is basically all attacks against Democrats. Seems like very important news brought here in good faith.


It appears that FOX is also trying to cover this up

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Well that wasn’t hard to find an article with a little more meat…

Since she has already amended the returns, in compliance with the law, what exactly would the IRS investigate?

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LOL attacking the source. As opposed to tweet after tweet from some clowns nobody ever heard of.

“Tara” Class of '17.

A presser by Trump lap dogs is not always worth following through on. Even FN isn’t.

I for one want the right to go all-in on her illegally marrying her brother. And why the MSM is ignoring it. It absolutely needs more exposure


What is O’keefe doing? Somebody has got to get PV on this immediately

Cons are wasting their time attacking these women. None of them will get the nomination.

None of the “Squad” :rofl::rofl::rofl: is running.

No kidding. Brilliant post.

Apparently the clown train is so full some people don’t even know who the clowns are any more. Scorecards! We need scorecards!

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Cheating on your taxes should be a


Yes, yes it should!

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Disqualify one from holding public office?

You’ve changed… who crossed you?

Someone needs to get off YouTube.