Minimum wage in 2022

All or most of them? Not likely.

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To be precise, I earlier wrote, “at least some”.

so if they work, they should be happy with what ever they get. But if they don’t work, they’re lazy. Did i get that right?

They can get 15 an hour (good pay for unskilled labor)for working vs whatever they can beg for not working.

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They can also quit or go on strike. There is movement gaining steam. Great resignation and antiwork.

Let’s see who needs who more. I’m on side of workers. I don’t want govt having to step in to support the workers with welfare.

Next time you want chipotle or Starbucks, no one will be there to serve you.

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In my city, I have seen beggars being picked up at night in brand new BMWs and Mercedes Benzs. They are not poor, nor homeless.


All about that hustle. :wink:


I just realized something important.

If we don’t pay unskilled people skilled wages, there might not be unskilled doofballs screwing up your order at your favorite yuppy-thru.

That’s the best news so far this year! :rofl:


Certainly plenty of those huh?

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Problem solved! I say we don’t pay them more than up and coming carpenters. lol


:+1: :grinning:

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Maybe upcoming carpenters need more pay. Instead of paying food workers less.

Right. We just double everybody’s pay.


Or maybe that’s just an ignorant assumption from not even knowing what the county median income is. Well, it’s most certainly an ignorant assumption, but that’s no surprise coming from people who want burger flippers making 28k in a 32k median income county.

It’s universally stupid, actually. :rofl:


Did keeping pay low and give company tax breaks with massive profits cause the price to go down?

I’m agreeing with you!

are they worth 30k per year?

(over 31 k actually)

who says you are supposed to “make it by” with those jobs?

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Why not? Do you know their worth?

Why not?