Minimum wage in 2022

Half of states will increase their minimum wage in 2022. That should be good for many Americans.

Looking at these charts I don’t see how people survive in the states where minimum wage is 7.25$.

Most people’s wages, if they have any ability at all, are not determined by what the state sets as minimum wage.
If you are concerned about the earring capacity of the least skilled, then you should support strict immigration law enforcement to give these citizens more wage leverage…


They never want to mention that. The vast burden of illegal immigration is carried by the poor and minorities.

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Survive? They are just kids making extra cash.

If they are adults… their mistake began long ago… before they got the minimum wage job.

Hey… it could be me in the future. Biden’s using up my fixed income on inflation. So… that’s why I don’t wear 300 dollar sneakers or have more kids than I can afford.


It’s so virtuous to support screwing over everyone else just to give the unskilled a false sense of monetary security. :rofl:


The local burger flippers are getting 15 an hour as hire in pay.

Who needs minimum wages at that standard?

15 dollars an hour for reheating frozen food? Good, that keeps people above the poverty line out here, preventing them from mooching the system.

Wonder how they’ll feel having to spend their own money on food for a change? :wink:


15 an hour to do a job they can be trained for in 30 minutes.


By watching an old video from the VCR era. :rofl:


Yeah but they have to be trained to use the VCR. :wink:

Not really. Any dumbass can press a play button. It takes REAL skills to reheat frozen pink slime. :wink:

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$15 and hour and no drug tests.


Yeah but it is antiquated technology for today’s teens.

You are correct about those REAL skills though. :rofl:

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So much hate for people making 15$ and hour. That comes to 30,000$ per year. They are making your meal, making your bed, cleaning your toilet. They are barely making by.

They are at the bottom of job pyramid. No one ever complain about ceo making too much.

Amazing compassion by the group here.


That seems ideal for some of those people begging at intersections.

Doesn’t seem to interest them though.

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Even begging on the side of the road is harder work than tossing fries in a basket. :wink:


Could it be that, at least some of, those people begging at intersections need more than a job?

Could it be that they don’t want a job because work is involved?


“I ain’t never understood how the world works,
but I always understood why the girls twerk
For a baller not a 9-5, barely making it with disgust behind your eyes!”

Or could it be that they are incapable of holding a job due to some emotional or mental issue?