Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


The point I made to you…was your hypocrisy in not voluntarily putting into practice with your own choices, what you preach being forced on the choices of all.


My concern isn’t with cost to business, it’s with the cost to people with little or no skills who will be denied entry level jobs because their labor has been deemed illegal to sell.


Putting into practice is voting for and supporting minimum wage increases. But do tell me where I can shop outside of walmart or amazon


A completely made up concern


Thats like saying you cant support a war if you arent fighting in it. Its dumb.


Ok, I’ll address your diversion.

  1. I don’t shop at Walmart. I don’t agree with their anti-American business practices.

  2. I do shop with Amazon but I’m pretty sure they pay over the minimum wage.

Now Smyrna, do you acknowledge that removing the min wage law would result in some wages going down? And you support the removal of that law so you support wages going down.




No…that response is what’s short sighted and dumb. You can put yourself or your money where your mouth is and both count.


Only very recently were the wages raised. Prior to that, according to the workers, it was HELL but…you financially supported what you state here in Hannity Land you’re against.


And you can decide to join the army


Sounds like teens need to bootstrap up.


It could be that wages should go down in some cases and in others, they should go up. Remove the government interference and there will be the most honest determination of where that should be…the marketplace. Again…if you really wanted to put into practice what you are preaching, currently, the most positive influence would be to secure our southern border and remove those that should not be here.


All you have to do is look at the teen unemployment rate vs adults to see the minimum wage means fewer jobs for unskilled workers. Since teens by definition are largely unskilled. So how are teens who are actively seeking work doing vs their more skilled adult counterparts? The answer is, dismally.

Latest figures has teens at 12.8% unemployment.


So your grand point is that Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, bringing in billions of revenue, has a virtual monopoly, but treats its workers like total ■■■■■ And you spend the entire time in the thread bashing minimum wage and waxing about how it hurts the poor business owners in this country. Bizarre.


If it wasn’t illegal to hire them at what they are worth, they would.


Please cite when Amazon paid minimum wage.


Really? How much income tax did the richest man in the world pay?


Maybe we need to fund better schools and higher education so they are more skilled. Gasp. But ratger, ya’ll want to pay people poverty wages.


You tell me


Ok, so you acknowledge the policy you support would result in a decrease in wages.