Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


Hey if it wasnt illegal to hire slaves or 5 year olds we could have slaves or hire 5 year olds too. Magic market


Yep…like in Seattle.


Seattle lowered their minimum wage?


I want people to be able to sell their labor at whatever rate they can get for it. As I pointed out, only 1% of adults make the current minimum. And it’s usually temporary. Apparently you think people who have little or no skills should remain unemployed, as if you are helping them.


When you play dumb…I’m done. See ya.


No, employers reduced low skilled workers hours, which amounts to the same thing.


I’d rather society focus on giving people the ability to go to school and learn valuable skills, and stop letting businesses profit off poverty. And hey, it’s only 1% of the population so we can afford it. Raise the minimum wage and increase grants for community colleges and high school work programs. But, i know i know, poor billionaires might have to pay a little extra in taxes.


In other words, businesses could pay higher wages the whole time, they instead would rather run their businesses profiting off poverty wages.


Everyone in the US already has access to free k-12 education and Pell grants and federal loans for higher education. The adults making minimum aren’t unskilled because they didn’t have access, they are unskilled because they chose not to avail themselves of it. Generally speaking.


Food service, which is mostly who we are talking about when we talk about minimum wage, have a very limited ability to absorb wage increases. Why? Because there is only so much you can charge for a burger before consumers decide it’s cheaper to make their own burger. It’s not a high profit margin industry. When you raise labor prices in that situation you are going to get fewer jobs or fewer hours. Try living in the real world for a change.


I’m confused. You were talking about teens. Now youre talking about adults. But you say they all have access to skills training programs. So what exactly is the problem? Minimum wage makes unskilled workers less attractive. We have skills training programs. Sooo… youre just mad that bootstrappers arent bootstrapping?


Thank you for your kindergarten economics lesson. Do you guys ever get beyond the first grade in your economics? Oh, and eating less fast food would be great for both the economy and the nation’s health. God forbid i have to pay an extra 50 cents for my mcchicken. Or god forbid shareholders take a dividend cut. Must be nice profiting off poverty.


It’s not about what you are personally willing to pay for your mchicken. Talk about grade school economics. It’s about how many other people would stop buying them, resulting in fewer jobs or fewer hours.


Except, it wont. But i get it, you learned supply and demand. Congrats.


Has Seattle decreased their minimum wage? I’m not aware that they have.


What’s the take home? Also, doesn’t that free them up to work a second job?


Why all the virtue signaling? When I give nobody knows but me, God, and the recipient. You know, the Christian way.



I… don’t think you know what words mean.
You asked if I could back this up with data. I answered “yes I can.” The question that you asked was answered truthfully. So simma down.


How about “implicit”? As in “Implicit in the question ‘Can you back that up with data?’ is a request for said data.” Not yes or no as an answer.

But you knew all that.


I was born with the sarcasm gene. It’s a blessing and a curse. I do the best I can to cope.

But you knew that. :innocent: