Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


Without min wage laws, min wages will go down. That’s what you support.


I support freedom…period…and I believe you indirectly answered my real question? You state what you support but do business with businesses that do not treat their employees with the wages you claim you support. If you truly believed that, you’d put your money where your mouth is? You would put into practice for yourself, what you preach here in Hannity Land. Not doing so…is hypocritcal…period. I say this respectfully but it’s what you do when nobody is looking that reflects the real you.


I haven’t answered your deflection.

You should tell the people who earn minimum wage that you support the freedom for businesses to pay them less. Go ahead, tell them that. Because that is what will happen.


Then I’ll make this as simple as i can…do you or do you not, do business with Amazon? Yes…or no? Anything other than a “no”…is yes.


Do I hear crickets? :sunglasses:


I will answer your deflection after you admit the policies you support would result in those who get minimum wage seeing their wage decrease. You are fighting to reduce their wages, right?


You just did my friend…and very clearly. :sunglasses:


It’s bad form to use this response after giving me TWO minutes to respond. It’s pretty foolish.


Only in your imagination. I prefer to finish one conversation before starting another but I understand you don’t want to face the fact that you support policy that would reduce wage rate for min wage workers.


I will admit that over time, there’s an ebb and flow of wages and workers. There was a time when the government had to step in but…that was a long time ago. What they haven’t learned is…when to bow out. This $15 living wage thingy being the new minimum is so far past ridiculous…plus the supply of workers vs jobs is on the side of the worker. There are many small businesses that will go bankrupt as a result, tax revenue will go down and government compensation that will then be required then becomes a double edged sword that works against the whole.


You go tell the people who can’t find a job that you forbid them from working because their skills aren’t enough to warrant the minimum wage. By the way, do you happen to know how many people over 25 in the US only earn minimum wage? 1% of them. And for the vast majority of those, it’s temporary.


So you support no minimum wage at all?


But freeeeddoomm!


What would be a reasonable minimum wage to you?


Let’s get to the point of today. You support the govt getting rid of the min wage, correct?


So whats the big deal then? Only 1%. And temporary. Poor businesses will have to deal with it. And this notion that people cant find unskilled work with minimum wage laws isnt backed by anything, outside of your own conception


No…not at this time. Our economy IMO would do better without it. If we would secure our southern border, wages would increase. Maybe we can all agree now on building the wall…amirite?:sunglasses:


Does that happen?


No you dont support minimum wage, or no to my question ?


Magic hand here’s a hypotgetical