Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


…and yet, when health ■■■■ hits the fan, those that can afford it, come here…shocking. :sunglasses:


right! who knows? no one knows. it might even be higher than the AOC wage.

crazy thought huh?


Those that can afford it. Lmao this whole conversation started about affordability. No ■■■■ people who can afford luxury services pay for it. And STILL these other countries are happier and healthier.


Why do you keep bringing up AOC? Lol you guys really are obsessed


…cept we were discussing what those in other countries are doing. Wow…you’re really down the rabbit-hole.


Youve been bouncing around from talking point to talking point and dont even remember how this conversation started


Yes. Living happier and more healthy.


I wish everyone on this forum would pore over the UW Evans School’s reports like you are doing. Please don’t stop reading the minute you have found a sentence fragment that you think helps you win a debate. Stick with it.


Yes, nothing like removing protections for some of the least powerful people in our society.


Umm, no? Where did I ever say that?

The Democrat Politicians intentionally make the cost of living go up, so they
can justify to the American people making minimum wage 15 dollars an hour.
It’s Part of their Socialist Agenda.

Unfortunately, I think the Republicans are either to stupid, or ignorant to stop
them. Maybe they don’t realize strategic wise what is going on? I’m not sure. lol.


Malpractice insurance is a very small cost of healthcare. You didn’t know that?


Do you do business with Amazon?


That is a small portion of how what I referred to affects the cost of healthcare. Did you know that many additional tests are ordered that will not benefit the patient…but will protect a doctor’s butt in a court of law. Again though…this is just a tad more of how our legal system is costing healthcare.


I can imagine the joy those earning minimum wage have knowing you are in their corner fighting to reduce the minimum wage.


Point taken. Need to reconsider how healthcare is run. Overseas is clearly better. Half the price or less, similar outcomes for treatment.


Nice answer. Do you shop at Amazon? I do not. I pay more and intentionally do so, knowing I’m energizing the community in which I live. Those employees make more, on my dime and it’s my pleasure to put my money where my mouth is. There’s a lot to what I said, although I do understand that many apply one dimensional thinking.


Now consider how much litigation goes on percent wise of the whole in those countries?


As long as democrats insist on flooding the country with impoverished low skilled workers he would, sure.


That’s nice. You should tell them how much you are supporting the lowest income employees by tirelessly arguing to reduce their wages.


You misrepresent what I stated. I said government stay the ■■■■ out of it and “we” will be better off. You see, it’s obvious to me that you would not do business with entities that don’t pay their employees ■■■■■ that’s why you never supported Walmart or Amazon…correct? That said, those businesses must choose to either go bankrupt or fix the problem. You see how that works. Those with the money vote for who they want to do their business with and it’s a very powerful tool…if you use it wisely. Do you?