Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


He will find someone to do the job.


So…you’re having a heart attack and you’re homeless…will you or will you not be turned away at the emergency room?


You can’t do everything.


And you will pay for it or remain homeless and others will pay for it via higher premiums



too bad you were afraid to address that in my post

so the wages go up. we all still like that right?

now bear with me here…

how high would they go?

remember now - there is no “minimum”


Im mocking your oversimplified view of reality and economics


How high would they go in your completely made up scenario? Lol


So…we can agree that the answer is yes.


We are talking about affordability. Not whether or not people get turned away when having heart attacks


No my friend. You’re talking the redistribution of a problem. You didn’t solve the affordability of anything.


You think I haven’t had the displeasure of paying for an ambulance and the emergency room costs that follow before?

Yeah, sure they’ll accept you. Just be ready to be in perceptual debt to Anthem or whoever.


Facepalm. You were talking about homeless people having heart attacks. In fact, American health care is one of the most expensive in the world. And we are nowhere near the healthiest or happiest country.


ah well that really makes you look smart huh?


that is what i am asking

can you venture a guess?

not trying to be a smart ass. looking for a reasonable thought here


When we consider the percent spent on healthcare in other countries, it highlights that our costs are out of control. I read where a mistake was made and a 65 year old man had his prostate removed and he was awarded 15 million. It’s stated that there was some nerve damage that has made him incontinent and impotent. I find the award to be ridiculous and a clear example of one of the many reasons our healthcare is so expensive.


Did you know that businesses pay wages cuz like workers do things for the business


Who knows. Its a completely made up fantasy scenario where you are defining all the environments. I’d rather talk about reality instead conservative conception.


And yet, those other countries have socialized medicine. Shocking.


…and their healthcare isn’t as good. Shocking.


And yet they are healthier and happier by all metrics. Shocking.