Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


Well, there’s always Medicare for All. But that is socialism so…quite the pickle.


alright so without the min wage, the employee’s labor value is now determined by the market.

if no one feels the going rate is high enough, they will not apply for the job

the owner really needs someone to scrub the parking lot though, so…

you fill in the rest - what happens?


More reason to get health indurance out of business completely and do single payer


If government takes over healthcare, it will go up in price and down in effectiveness…PERIOD.


Why do you think that?


And yet, we’ve had minimum wage laws for decades and there’s plenty of low skilled jobs. Your sky is falling argument doesnt work. Maybe with minimum wage people arent as desperate.


Thats what those darn Canadians say


please fill in what happens next


The owner will find a desperate poor person to do it then build a business model around that poverty.


That’s a weak POV and I’m nowhere near there. I’d rather fix the problems of what’s driving up the costs, than redistribute the financial burden of in inefficient, broken system…as an additional tax.


They might as well be French.


remember now… no one is applying for that job

so they cant find anyone

please try again


Yet, globally most countries are happier, healthier, and dont have our system


I see. We get to just make things up now to suit our arguments. Amazing conversation.


Yet…so many who can afford ours, come here for their healthcare while also paying for it at home. Now ask yourself why that is? The answer will be destroyed with government intrusion.


Hey guys did u know that if people dont apply to a job the business person needs to raise wage to get more applying. I am so learned


Yes, the wealthy can do what they want because they have a lot of money. The poor who cant afford it here would get it over there.


:clap: …then you’re catching on to reality.


It’s hard to imagine why rich people would come here to have a medical procedure when our healthcare system is completely dependent on how much money you have.

If our healthcare system is so bad why does Prince Harold, Henry, or whatever come here to have a vasectomy or whatever? I guess he earned it or whatever.


Reality isnt black and white like that.