Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


This just in…

Government can force minimum wage laws

This just in…

Workers arent slaves


Sure, they can, be they can’t force me to hire someone. And if you insist I pay someone $15 to vacuum a carpet, I’ll buy a robot to do it instead.


No one is talking about forcing you to hire. You dont have to pay someone $15 to vaccum a carpet. You need to pay them $15 an hour. One hour of vacumming, including baseboards, disposing of the crap the vacuum picked up, driving to and from the job site, seems pretty damn reasonable for me. ■■■■■ want to work 2 hours? Mow my yard too. Clean my house, miw my yard. 2 hours $30. I’m not a cheap ass.


lol slaves.

they dont have to work there if they dont want

and, yes we know the government can mandate the price of things at whim. kinda what the thread is about

glad you like my “this just in” bit!


And businesses cant force anyone to do anything. So you are wrong


They do if they have bills to pay.


um, if they want to work there, yes they can


Great, youre back on topic now


was never off topic.

but go ahead you may continue


No ■■■■ . Are you like zantax going to also explain the revenue is how businesses pay for things?


no… lol geeze

they have to work if they want to pay those bills

but they can work anywhere


no he did a good enough job explaining that to you. hope you learned something from it


I’m not cheap either, that doesn’t mean I see any reason to waste money. My Roomba operates at well below $15 an hour, why would I pay a human more to do the same job? I still employ one to do the job every two weeks because they do a better job and I pay them more than $15 an hour. But without the Roomba I would employ them to do it more often. That isn’t being cheap.


Minimum wage workers do work. Many very hard.


No. You guys see the world black and white and fail to understand the intricacies of economics.



not sure what your point there is


:laughing: thanks for defeating your own argument


You said “they have to work” if they want to pay ththe bills. Whats your point?


just because we didnt get or econ degree from boston u doesnt mean we dont understand economics


How did I defeat it? Again, if I didn’t have the Roomba they would be hired to do the job far more often. I don’t need a deep carpet clean daily. So I employ the cheaper robot in their stead when it can perform the job I need done. If they were cheaper than the robot they’d get that job instead. The federal government has priced them out of the job.