Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


Its voluntary to open and run a business.

Thanks for the kindergarten lesson. You seem to be unable to go beyond basic colors here. The world is not so black and white.


I know, I know, you’re from the government and you’re here to help, help low skilled workers be unemployed or underemployed.


And if an employee can do the work of three, why would the employer not stick with one employee anyways no matter what the pay?


Why wouldnt they just pay triple the wage?


Yet, despite minimum wage laws, there are always minimum wage and low skill job openings. I know I know. You despise people who dont make as much as you. But many in low skill jobs work very hard


Because increasing their productivity to enable them to do so usually enables an upfront investment that isn’t worth making until what you are forced to pay them reaches a given point.


I don’t despise anyone. I feel sorry for any adult who can’t rise above the minimum wage quickly. They should probably be designated as handicapped. Heck my kids were in supervisory positions making more than minimum wage before they left high school.


I was referencing zantax’s claim that if wages went from $5 to $15 per hour the employer would force one employee to do the work of three in order to break even.

I’m just pointing out that if that were possible, why would the employer have three employees instead of just one no matter what the wage is? Are employers not optimizing their staff?


More snobby comments. Again, there are structural limitations. There are only x number of job for x number of people. And, again, just because someone works a minimum wage job doesnt mean they dont work hard, or that they are handicapped. Your true colors are starting to show.


I agree i was adding on to it. If a $10 wage gets increased to $15, and a business forces his or her workers to do 3 people’s jobs, why not pay $30 an hour? And like you said, why was the business stupid enough in the first place to hire 3 people if 1 person can do it?


The number of jobs in any given economy isn’t finite or fixed. So no, there are no structural limitations. We have an expanding economy at full employment right now, there is no reason at all structurally that any adult should be stuck in a minimum wage job for any long period of time.


That makes no sense. Scenario #1 had three $5 employees all performing tasks XYZ. Scenario #2 had one employee performing tasks XYZ.

If one employee can do tasks XYZ, it doesn’t matter what the pay is, an employer will have them do task XYZ. Or are you promoting gross inefficiency at the workplace?


Again, not everyone can be supervisor. Otherwise, no one is able to work. Say it zantax. Structural. You learned your primary colors, good. Now lets talk about shading, composition and texture.


Yes there are. We will always need low skilled work to get things done. There are structural limits at all times regarding how many jobs are available and the natire of those jobs. Just like, there are only so many player slots in the NBA Not everyone can be sitting in an office delegating. Otherwise, there would be no one to delegate. Do i need to explain to you how economics works?


Again, improving their productivity usually incurs an upfront cost in machinery or technology.


You don’t have to be a supervisor to be paid more than minimum wage, and the supply of low skilled workers should be filled by new people entering the job market. If you are an adult working at minimum wage for over a year, there is something wrong with you or you need to move to a better job market.


That is not a reason to allow employers to pay people who work full time poverty wages. Also, again, I love the “there’s something wrong with you” line. You sure love putting down people who work for a living. Maybe if business owners dont like minimum wage they can move to a more profitable sector. Its that easy isnt it.


Many of them already have. Tell me how that worked out for low skilled labor. And I am sorry if facts upset you, but it’s true, if you are an adult and can’t rise above the minimum wage you have some underlying problem causing it.


All of that has nothing to do with whether or not society should allow employers to pay poverty wages


this just in…

Bosses can literally “make” their employees do things