Min Wage Hikes Hurting Business


that was in response to another poster who bizarrely thought they have to work at a particular place to pay their bills as though they had no choices.


Just because soneone works a minimum wage job doesnt mean they dont work hard, are lazy, or handicapped. Just because a business thrives off poverty wages doesnt mean its socially just or economically positive. But, we get it, you guys understand the concept of revenue. Congrats passing junior high.


By saying this


Many people dont have good choices or the luxury to move or take major risks. Either way, it doesnt mean we should allow employers to pay poverty wages.


No they can’t.


ok no one here is saying min wage workers are lazy

and there is nothing “unjust” about working for a low wage (even if artificially inflated by govmt)

where do you learn this nonsense?


ha ok no one can get jobs at other places got it


Allowing businesses to pay people working 40+ hours a week poverty wages is both unjust and economically dangerous


Business can just change industries or make a new business plan. Its just that simple right?


So its 100% guaranteed that they will get any job they apply at?


if you learn one thing about this topic let it be this:

it is not the employer’s responsibility to make their employees’ lives easier!


Oh no, don’t hurt business.


Zantax said people are handicapped or something is wrong with then. Its been mentioned multiple times in this thread that they need to work harder. Dont pretend that characterization doesnt exist. Its dishonest


Its not the employee or governments responsibility to make business owners lives easier. Business is a 2 way street. You seem to forget that


did i say there were guarantees or that it would be easy?

my god. where do you people learn this stuff?

AOC university



As to the second part, a business is meant to thrive. That’s called profit. You then pay taxes on that profit and it gets used to benefit that same employee plus everyone else in our country. The worker who works hard…can also choose to work elsewhere? Maybe there’s a better opportunity and if so, they take that job? Now their job has to be filled? Are there any takers? If not, what happens? That’s right…that wage must either go up or not get filled? Then, is the company as profitable? See how this works in real life?


actually thats wrong. if govmt does its job right, they make conditions better for business

the employee is hired to help the business , to grow the business, to contribute to keeping the business alive…

good lord


Then no they can’t work anywhere.


And you get what you pay for.


no they cant walk into any place of business of their choosing and just start working there thats kind of a given.

is that how thinly you are slicing this?