Militant Secularism

I’m surprised no one had brought this up since it’s great topic IMO.

It’s a good term to label libs with since it’s them that wants to replace religion with authoritarian goverment to police our morals…of course their morals.

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Ya i know abortion is murder, we probably need another thread about it


“They”? Are you referring to bigotry against gays?

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I know you guys would like to never hear about it again but afterall it is something the dem party has fought furiously to keep legal, keep going for decades now.

This isn’t abortion thread.

It’s about militant secularist forcing their morals onto society using the power of government, media etc to replace tpeople own religion/faith.

Sorry libs…I have no faith in your moral authority


Well, let’s hope it stays legal.

One thing that’s worthy of note is that violent crime has been steadily declining since about the time of Roe v. Wade.

Less unwanted children = less crime. Everyone benefits (yeah, i know, “except the murdered babies !!” :smile: )


Except for the 60 million and counting babies?

Yup, I specified that in my post.

Militant secularist is greatest thread this country face IMO.

We as Conservatives must deny them of a goverment that forces their authoritarian values/morals on our free society.

And yet here you are demanding exactly that. Get off your high horse ■■■■■■■■■ you have no more moral authority than anyone else, but a good dose of hypocrisy in demanding YOUR morals are the ones implemented using the force of government and media.


How does any of that replace people’s own religion or faith? People can have whatever faith or believe what they want and can choose to ignore or embrace whatever they feel

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Speaking of morals, where does Stormy’s hush money payments from Trump fit in?

What does one having affair outside of marriage has to do with goverment imposed moral values?

I don’t see Christians wanting to prosecute infidelity.

Diversity never was much of a conservative strong suit

I’m pretty sure it was more than one. Actually, Trump cheated on all three of his wives, if I’m not mistaken.

Wow…another lib can’t grasp the differences.

Why I’m I not surprised?

O’RLY ?? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


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Exactly what government imposed morals are you referring to?

You know I never criticized him don’t you? I thought it was embarrassment to our country. Not just his action the republican impeachment.