Michael Cohen Flips


Why do you think Sessions hasn’t pressed charged for that?


There are a lot of steps between what we have now and Sulla.

One of he lessons of that period is how political norms were ignored and destroyed.

Now… who was sent to Washington to destroy political norms?

See how easy it is to make any argument by referencing actual ancient history?


The GOP controls all of the government.


I thought it was because he was banging Celebrity Apprentice contestants


Sulla sets the precedent for over turning the Roman Senate with an army and force. He causes a murdering chaos in Rome.

Mueller and the left has set the precedent for using the FBI to attack political opponents because they won. It just gets worse from here…

It’s also disturbing that leftists have glorified this murdering dictator on wiki…



Oh. Well, there was that.


So if Meuller is Sulla, who is Fulvius Flaccus?


Brain fart. I meant who is Gaius Marius?


Translation of “We all know …” : conservaspeak for Look what I’ve pulled out of my ass!

What’s this about “Mueller re-open”-ed the Manafort case? When did this happen? When did it go from open to closed?


“WE all know” - LOL


The IG report was the basis for Congress to understand the gravity of the level of corruption with in the FBI and appointing IG Huber.


So, it’s been a month. Have the unredacted docs been released yet? Has Mueller closed up shop?


LOL Well Sessions is gone so the DNC no longer has a rubber stamp ! LOl They want the new guy who has no conflicts of interest to recuse himself! HAHA Nope! Did Holder or Lynch ever recuse themselves for being an Obama stooge?


I dont know, ask the new AG! LOL! he is now the one making those decisions.


Exactly, Holder was there to cover up crimes like “fast and furious” and the IRS oppression… We all know that too,.,


Why has the GOP not prosecuted these “crimes” since they have held all three branches of government for two years?


as though the dems are not masters at cover ups… Remember the report of Hillary staff scouring the state department on a weekend after the e-mail scandal broke… Of course not…

Lerner was known to attack reps before she was placed at the IRS


What’s Cohen doing now?


Spending a lot of time with real lawyers…


Uh. Trump hired the republican named Sessions from Alabama.