Michael Cohen Flips


How long before the big break through with Cohen? Why hasn’t it occurred already with …


The inquisition on him…


Pathetic deflection. You are the one in this thread complaining about criminals being interrogated, not “dems”.


Yeah, what happened to that nonsense?


It is nuts how some are standing up for people like Cohen.

The worlds dumbest lawyer.


We all know the only reason Mueller re-open Manafort’s case was to get to Trump… That’s pure politics and thus he’s a political prisoner.

Did you ever figure out who Sulla was?


Sulla of the Proscriptions Sulla?

Plus… I do like this idea that he hid millions of dollars and laundered money is somehow a political prisoner.

Great guy to root for.


Lucius Cornelius Sulla.


So yes.

Are you referring to the part he played in the Social War? The Proscriptions? Land Reform?

What part of Sulla are you trying to shoehorn in here?


An excellent book on the Roman time period that Sulla lived in is “The Storm Before the Storm” by Mike Duncan.

Read it a couple of months ago. It just shows how even two thousand years ago the political tension between the haves and the have nots can lead to the downfall of a state if things are ignored.


We would of never found out about Hillary’s illegal email server if it weren’t for the 4 years of Benghazi investigations. That’s pure politics but I’m sure you were fine with that one. Weird


The end of the republic…


it appears he’s just a regular ole prisoner now.

i’m sure there are some gang bangers who could use your support. or maybe people who embezzle or money launder. you should pitch in.


How far do you want to go with the allegory?

When we see an analogue of the Gracchi getting murdered in the Senate… then maybe start to worry.

Until then, I don’t see a General taking power after a civil war and killing a bunch of rich people to take their land any time soon.


You do realize he had his political opponents killed, turned the republic into a dictatorship and that you seem to think that’s great…


What a strange thing to say.

Since it happened like two thousand years ago I find it more fascinating than great.


I hope the Ds get teh house at least, so we can have some hearings into all the graft Donald has going right now.


but, scaring people is a valuable tactic. since the very beginning of time.


Sulla leads to Caesar… “Those who can’t learn from history…”

Ask Rush and Fox news…LMAO!


I wonder if Cohen has spoken to Jr’s ex wife. I bet she divorced him because she learned how screwed the trump clan were and she didn’t want any part of a criminal enterprise.


IRS and FBI weaponize to control elections… Libs love it.