Michael Cohen Flips


Yes. Horowitz. The same IG that said no bias impacted the Clinton investigation. That DOJ was correct to not prosecute. That revealed the mistakes made in that probe actually were against Clinton through leaks to the media about their continued probe of her. The same one.

At some point are you ever going to tire of being habitually wrong in your conspiracy theory chasing?


Well…at least you’re now modifying your posts to more accurate…

The IG report did not expose the massive bias you assured us existed


Right, it looks like full speed ahead from Trump, who will push both the brakes and the accelerator to the floor at the same time, while furiously whipping the steering wheel from side to side, because the man is a genius at driving, probably the best driver anyone’s ever seen, that’s what people have told him, many people.


That’s only proof of how deep the rabbit hole really is…or something


Meh. That’s always been my position. As opposed to your incorrect prediction that the IG report would prove bias did impact the outcome and would show Clinton should have been prosecuted.


You’re just ahead of your time. :slight_smile:


He calls it drips. In other circles they are breadcrumbs. But the unifying theme is to trust the plan. :laughing:


Right, it’s not a 180 exactly, so there’s some slender reed of hope to hang on to, for the conspiracy theorists.
Trump’s been President for over 600 days now, yet still he shoots his mouth (or fingers) off first, than has to be led by the ear to his room for a lecture on Don’t Be Such An Idiot and a timeout.


:rofl: :joy:


Cali, don’t ever change! (except your avatars)


Flippies, and hours of interrogation…


So, Dramatic…


You really don’t undertand how things work do you?


I think he’s intimately aware of how things work on Rush and Fox. His transcripts match theirs almost perfectly.


Yes, they were talking about “Sulla moments” just the other day… :thinking:


Really? Rush is taking a stand against interrogations now?


Libs would go for waterboarding Manafort and Cohen… lol!


I don’t mean day by day or minute by minute.


Absolutely not. But why are you against lawful interrogations? I thought Republicans were all about “law and order”?


Remember. Manafort is a political prisoner… or so I am told.


No dems want lots and lots of laws… then want to ignore them, unless you get out of line.