Michael Cohen Flips


The hitch to the paying the mistress wasn’t the payment but the timing. It was done to keep it out of the press before the election.


Absolutely. A very very big reason was Obama was a snarky black guy.


We will see next week who is right, no? I’ve marked my calendar for the 28th, bookmarked this thread and C&P your post.


come on now. if Obama would have done exactly what Trump has done and Obama’s team would have been convicted/cooperated then Republican Media and Republicans in general would have given him the same pass they’re giving Trump and team.

Honor. Integrity.


Ohh Really? Im pretty sure everyone in hillaries investigation got Immunity before the investigation even started! ( Cough Cough Huma and Cheryl Mills)


Ah…that makes more sense as to why I had not heard that. Thanks!


would you mind listing out all the stuff that happened regarding hillary and the investigations?


Uh oh…looks like Trump has walked back his push here. What will you do now?

@Smyrna Thoughts on Trump reversing course here?


Trust the plan.


The storm turned out to be a light drizzle. Love it! :rofl:


I don’t know that he’s reversing his course but he has altered it. I’ll just have to be patient as usual.


Well he went from asking that it all be released ASAP, to now saying he will wait for Horowitz to complete his investigative review, and maybe in the future he may declassify it all then. And because of “key allies” requesting it. That sounds like a reversal of course to me.


How will the CEC fill their air time without new material?

I mean Lousy Lou asked for their release. As did our host. And a nutty, crazy, unhinged woman at Fox News.

And he’s not thinking of the nutter QAnon cultists losers either.

Okay, Smyrna, tell us how the Deep State pulled off this move against the Derp State.


Im sorry pal, but it still seems full speed ahead to me.


Hey, Trump Nutters - let me know if you need more eggs to smash against your faces. No, not the precious eggs from my hens. But I’ll get you a crate from Costco.


Whatever left of them, they’re losing their minds right about now.


Horrowitz, Horrowitz…isn’t this the same guy that you concluded that he concluded there was NO BIAS? It sounds to me like Trump is aware of which way this investigation is now moving and it’s going the direction he wants. The truth to be exposed…drip, drip, drip…


Be prepared for countless hours on Uranium One and Hillary’s emails. That well never seems to run dry.


So, still next week Mueller will have to close up shop after everything is exposed? Okay.


How in the world do you get that out of this? He has kicked it to Horowitz who is already doing an IG review of the Russia investigation. It’ll take months before it is completed. Just as the IG investigation of how the Clinton probe went took a long time.

Wait. Trust the plan? :thinking: