Michael Cohen Flips


More wishin’

You’re Rushty Springfield.


Not in the least. You do realize countless members of Congress have already seen the FISA warrant unredacted right?


What sad is the lefts acceptance of political prosecution by the FBI for winning elections… I hope this isn’t our republics Sulla moment.


Dems will trash anyone… That’s why they got Trump. They don’t get it


You keep using that word but a sworn statement means actually mean’s laying one’s hand on a bible and swearing that what you are about to say is correct. Without that vital step it is not a sworn statement.


Maybe he is trying to be the best at it.
Of course, he’ll need to beat this guy:

The presidency of Ronald Reagan in the United States was marked by multiple scandals, resulting in the investigation, indictment, or conviction of over 138 administration officials, the largest number for any U.S. president.


That doesn’t really prove anything. You do know that. And did Judge go before the Senate judiciary yesterday? Or Kavanaugh for that matter? Link?


All you’re doing is attacking federal agencies to cover for your lying, cheating sleazy politician and his criminal/sleazy team.

You exposed who you truly are. A long time ago.


Nope. Congressional staffers called him for a statement, That’s it


Does not change the fact! “If They lie , they go to Jail!” Just give up! Ford is 0-2 with her witnesses, and her credibility seems to be lacking by the day! Can anyone say Duke Lacrosse!


From the Senate Judiciary themselves. If Judge lies, or any witness lies the penalty is jail.


What lies?.. Promises made, promises kept… Markets booming, trade re-negotiating, Regs cut, jobs jobs jobs… The only lie is Russian collusion…


What does (Penalty of Perjury) mean genius? It means you lie, you go to jail.


It sure doesn’t mean “sworn deposition”


Staff contacted Mark Judge and obtained a statement under penalty of felony. Staff contacted third person allegedly at party described by Dr. Ford and obtained a statement under penalty of felony. Staff contacted fourth person allegedly at party.

Exact statement from Senate Judiciary.


Thanks for not answering my question.


So not a “sworn deposition” like you keep saying



That’s why you sound like a carbon copy of Rush Limbaugh.


glad you love the semantics game , more than the fact that Fords story is turning out to be a huge nothingburger.


Are you working on the assumption that we know all that Muller has? Because past history has shown we don’t. The climax has yet to come.