Michael Cohen Flips


With all the attention on Manafort, time to give a little love to Mickey.


The woman is hacking her lungs out for goodness sakes, it just happened a few days ago again! The poor thing has fallen, passed out, wearing bandages and back braces and don’t forget her fall that caused a concussion, nothing anonymous there, it’s right before our eyes! :eyes::roll_eyes:


Poor, poor private citizen. Why does anyone care as much about a private citizen as the CEC?

In other news, Cohen is pleading guilty. More links to the Russian collusion. More bad news for the President.


President Ranty Grampa is up and losing his ■■■■ again today.

That should be read as “HOLY ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ my attorney just gave over 70 hours of useful testimony to Mueller and I got caught lying on my take home test!!”


yes… the same stories over and over. Apparently the left has a very short memory…


i’m trying to think of another US business person (who could have been elected president) with such a corrupt past AND the inability to hide his crimes/coordinate his lies/hire good legal counsel.

i’m drawing a blank. James W. Johnston maybe?? he had excellent lawyers though.


here’s how i think this is gonna play out. Trump is gonna be damaged (the death by a thousand cuts thing) and then a knock out blow is gonna follow.

i actually now believe he will be indited after he leaves office. i started believing that once Mueller hired money laundering experts.


Looks like Congress has some new things to ask Cohen about

Mr. Cohen, who worked at the Trump Organization for a decade, spoke with the prosecutors about insurance claims the company had filed over the years, said the people, who did not elaborate on the nature of the possible irregularities

I guess we are throwing insurance fraud on the pile. Why not?

Also there is the introduction of a new character I guess.

The prosecutors also questioned Mr. Cohen about a donor to the president’s inaugural committee, Imaad Zuberi, a California venture capitalist and political fund-raiser, according to the people familiar with the matter, who were not authorized to discuss the confidential meeting.