Michael Cohen Flips


Is this the Hive I have been hearing about? Angry folks suffering from TDS?


So, and this isn’t an overstatement, assuming that ABC is correct and Cohen has flipped (he has, when Republicans start nattering about the Em Ess Em it always turns out that what they were calling “fake news” is factually correct) probably means the end of the Trump presidency. That’s not a wild eyed take or overstatement. Probably means ballgame.


No worries. You make a good point though. When facts, reality, and truth are no longer relevant to some, then what’s the point? Any fabricated reality they create can exist for them. Even simultaneously and contradictory.

“Some” posters here, and people in the real world, have really lost their grip on reality. Confirmation bias and a refusal to engage in independent thought have done a number on many of them.


And the reporting around Mueller’s investigation has pretty consistently turned out to be accurate. But keep grasping at that “anonymous sources” straw.


Was there anyone who believes he won’t flip?


Why can’t you imagine a Christian having an opinion that the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds?


It’s amazing how prescient you are about Obama, yet you cannot see the slathering love Trump dumps upon Putin as if he were owned, nor the torrent of other bullpocky that streams from his mouth daily.


Tough times for satire, friend.


hahaha omg

gooddad409: That Obermer’s a racist Muslim black

Guilds: ^ low information partisan



So which right-wing pundit dropped this steaming turd? I’ve been hearing it from a lot of hardcore Trump supporters lately.


Why would a Christian believe the Muslim call to prayer is the prettiest in the world?


Pretty much.

Not like there’s anyone else for him to turn on other than Trump, and without some evidence to give the FBI they wouldn’t bother flipping him.


Obama set back race relations 50 years and did so deliberately. A key tenet of Alinsky is to divide any way possible. Race, economics, etc.

Divide and conquer.


Only 50 years? Why not 56.5? I mean since you are pretty much just making things up like pulling a random number out of your butt, you might as well go big with your hyperbole and misstatements.


This gets thrown around alot (and not to derail my own thread) but simply talking about race, isn’t “setting it back”. Just because you don’t like what he’s talking about doesn’t mean he’s trying to be divisive. Racism exists. Bringing that fact to the forefront isn’t setting race relations back. If you can’t handle reality you need to figure your own ■■■■ out first before blaming others.


Becuz Trump wants america back to where it was 50 years ago when there weren’t none muslim racist blacks allowed as preseedint


Instigating riots is progress in your book? :rofl: We may as well have had Sharpton in the oval office.


Yeah this must be the Hive showing up, :rofl:


This is a waste of time.


How are you measuring that?