Michael Cohen Flips


Nah we could speculate on Hillary’s health based on videos of her collapsing, stumbling, weird head rolling episodes etc.

As for Obama being a muslim no anonymous sources were involved either. His actions and words leads one to suspect.

Try again.


Are you going to be ok?


Fine.Just a comment on your saying one had to get peoples attention somehow.

You did it with deception in your title.


pick a struggle either Obama is a black christian racist who sat in front or Rev Wright for 20 years or he is a muslim Manchurian candidate


Agreed. Cohen is falling into the same pattern of so many defendants who have cooperated with the feds. Once the lawyers are let go, its on.


Why not both?


Seek help.


He’s flipping, and he’s flipping to SDNY prosecutors, outside of the SC investigation.

Doesn’t matter what happens with Mueller now.


That only applies to low information, ignorant partisan hacks.


She is being facetious. Man, @calirepub, your sarcasm has been misread a lot lately.


It was said that there were over a dozen lawyers reviewing the documents. Imagine what that bill looks like.
I wonder if Trump is picking up any of those charges? I believe that slowly one by one the people in Trump’s immediate orbit will find hardships in their future.


Seriously. When truth doesn’t matter anymore, why can’t we hold two opposing viewpoints at the same time. It’s not like consistency matters politically anymore.


Manchurian candidate are your words. How about we actually stick to mine?

I believe him to be a racist who sat in Wrights church for 20 years to further his political career.

His comments on the Muslim faith such as the calls to prayer being the most beautiful sound in the world. I Can’t imagine a Christian saying that.

His seeming favoritism toward the muslim faith versus the christian faith. He looked like he was chewing on a sour apple when he felt obligated to say something nice about Christianity.

All these things helped form my opinion of him.


Flip flip flippity flip flip.





Lol. Thanks for watching my back. It’s obvious that my humor is way too close to reality.


Its accurate.


lolololol omg… dude please stop…


None of that helped form your opinion. Good ol’ fashioned religious bigotry did.


Even Alex Jones would roll his eyes at some of these ■■■■■■■.