Michael Cohen Flips


my name is gooddad, i just type any bull ■■■■ that rifles through my right wing brain


You did have a clickbait title for this thread.

You really i]ought to be ashamed of that, you know.


Nah, if he has to, Trump will just pay Mueller off, settle out of court, make Mueller sign an NDA, make it go away, and move on.

Is what Trump is thinking.


What do aesthetics have to do with religion?

I enjoy Gregorian chants, yet I’m Jewish. I see no contradiction.


Yawn… This story is just to take Trumps NK success off CNN etc… They hate talking about Trump doing well, so they make up stuff, or over hype nothingness like this.


Please forgive me.


ABC is reporting the story. If it makes any difference to you. Probably not.


Not the prettiest in the world. One of the prettiest sounds. People have different tastes. I absolutely hate country music, it’s grating to me, but others love it.


Now that’s comedy…


George worked for the Clinton. ABC is dems…


When did Obama instigate riots?


Yeah I can’t stand country music either. I just can’t imagine a Christian saying the Muslim call to prayer being one of the prettiest.

I’ve never heard a Christian say it.


Do you get CEC points for using buzzwords like TDS, Hive, angry?

How many points does it take before you can claim a prize?


Collusion delusion and swamp creature’s revenge for getting an outsider elected…


omg here we go.

alex jones, tell me more about this conspiracy you speak of


The CEC told him that. Just like he’s flinging out words like “hive”.

He probably believes that Rush is 99.46% right.


“It’s just business”


I’d agree to an extent, but Cohen seems pretty crooked, even for a lawyer.


you’ve never heard a christian say they enjoy melodic chanting? who cares?


Did he have a secret meeting on the tarmac?