Miami cop wearing a pro-Trump mask near a voting site

I call this voter intimidation. This cop (or any cop for that matter) should know better.

“Attorney Steve Simeonidis, who added that Ubeda “laughed it off” when questioned about his mask. Miami police chief Ron Papier said Ubeda’s actions violated department policy against campaigning while on duty. Umask also contained offensive language, an additional violation”

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A cop shouldn’t be wearing political insignia while on duty and in uniform…anywhere.


Yep seems pretty stupid.

A cop in uniform should not be wearing any political insignia, regardless of party and regardless of whether there is a polling place in the area.

That should be worth at least a suspension.


Unfortunately, we have had a few members of the Armed Forces doing the same stupid thing while wearing the uniform.

The mask the cop wore said “ “Trump 2020, no more ■■■■■■■■■

Yeah, no. He needs to be put in check.

You’d be surprised the seriousness with which electioneering is dealt with.

Yeah I’m not really mad about this.

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This officer needs defunding.


definitely defunded

Absolutely nothing will happen to him. Well, maybe paid administrative leave for a week until this story goes away.

Oh come on man!

He should be told to take it off. Simple as that.

Verbal reprimand…at most!

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He seems really effective at melting snowflakes. I say he’s allowed to keep it. Lol at voter intimidation. :rofl::rofl:

My wife found out, however, that it will be perfectly acceptable and not defined as electioneering in Pennsylvania if she wears her pro-Biden mask while standing in line to vote.

All her mask says is “Biden Harris 2020”.

But perfectly legal to do so. Electioneering requires much more than simply wearing regalia supporting one’s candidate.

He shouldn’t, you’re right. But how does that stop someone for secretly voting for who they want?

Depends on the jurdisiction. In many, you cannot wear shirts or even buttons while voting.

Yes. We know. That has been the only policy of the President for four years, so we are accustomed to it.

Yet, here we are.


For ■■■■■■ sake. He’s the law.

Electioneering… yeah, I see that one. Not in uniform or on duty.
Voter intimidation… lol please. Can the overdramatics.