Mexico's IBWC has LOCKED OPEN the gate in new WeBuildTheWall's border fence on private property

International Boundary and Waterways Commission, a globalist company, locked open the new gate in the new border barrier. Border patrol agents are spitting tacks! How could this happen? Please have DHS, Brian Kolfage or Kris Kobach on your show ASAP!

Congress is failing. Trump can’t make them write real laws on immigration…

Trump is failing at being influence congress to address the issues trump wants to change…

He was elected because of his superior negotiating skill and his best brain with the best words…

Turns out trump is a weak willed cuckold…


This is hilarious. Here are two stories from The Hill. They’ve made the whole GoFundMe effort worthless. All that money and nothing to show for it. LOL. The important point:

The International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), which oversees waterway issues between the U.S. and Mexico, said the organizers of We Build the Wall, which raised more than $23 million, had not obtained permission to build on federal land.

IBWC is not a globalist company btw…

It is a government run organization…

You know. The government trump is in charge of…


The USIBWC is funded through and operates under the foreign policy guidance of the Department of State.

So trump is the one responsible…


So a government department that in charge of is making it easier for illegals to cross…


Nothing a bolt cutter can’t solve.

“private property: go **** yourselves.” can be the sign that they put up.

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Makes you wonder what trumps agenda really is when members of the executive branch are padlocking the gates open to let more illegals flood in…

Its like.he is saying one thing bit doing another…

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“Beam me up Scotty” and opining that write ins for Bill the Cat should go to Trump because of how Bloom County wrapped up – both posted before November '16 – kinda sums up my reaction to him.

If it wasn’t for him being pro life and court appointments … well, I never expect much from any of them. Not even Reagan rolledback the FDR era cancers that has since metastasized and will wreck the nation.

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This is obviously fake news meant to make Donald look impotent. He is a Master Negotiator and dealing with a Congress where at least the Senate is under Republican control.

This is going to end the same way the threat of tariffs did against Mexico - Donald is working his eleventy dimensional brilliance behind the scenes. Let the fake news Deep State lib mob media report whatever it likes, they’ll be eating crow when all is revealed in Donald’s good time. All is well, America! :us:

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They built onto Federal land, cutting off access to Federal property.

They are idiots.

Panic time!

1000 people have walked around the end of our wall!!!



I’d still side with American idiots than the illegal aliens or their 5th Column allies.

Both Congress and Trump are failing on immigration. Congress is failing on reforming the asylum laws while Trump is failing on compromising with Congress on DACA.

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And the wall was an incredibly stupid idea to begin with. But it’s one of the cons that helped make people vote for the con man on his way to becoming president.

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In the first place it wasn’t a wall they built. It was a steel bollard type FENCE matching that which our government has been building or installing along our southern border replacing existing landing mat fencing and or simple vehicle barriers.

Calling what they idiotically built a “wall” is an exercise in alternative facting

What a complete mess this whole wall thing is.

Walls built by GoScamMe fund accounts are going to end up in courts and some parts of the wall will be ordered to be dismantled.

People think that walls can just be erected and everyone cheers. Nope, there’s a lot of due diligence that goes into the construction of a wall on property.


According to Buzzfeed, Kolfage and Co. blocked a monument. That’s a no-no. LOL. This makes my day.