Mexico totally bans sales of e-cigarettes

Just the latest nation to do so.

The country’s health minister called the claim that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking “a big lie.”

The Cartel thanks those idiots. :rofl:

Cigarettes are still legal though?

I do agree with the health minister that it is highly misleading touting e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to cigarettes.

As more and more peer reviewed research is published, we are increasingly finding out that the margin of safety is much smaller than the vaping industry would have you believe.

While, of course, cigarette smoking is bad, so is is vaping, just marginally less bad.

And it is increasingly apparent that vaping is ineffective in smoking cessation. It is also increasingly apparent that vaping is attracting new people to tobacco use, some of who never would have tried smoking a traditional cigarette.

I would enact regulations prohibiting the industry from making claims regarding the comparative safety of e-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes.

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Don’t know a lot of former smokers?


The reason that traditional cigarettes are not being targeted is that their use continues to decline and is not attracting new smokers such as with e-cigarettes.

Most of my extended family on my mom’s side smoked. Most quit on their own, in an era well before vaping existed.

I didn’t think you knew a bunch of people who quit smoking because of the vapes.

No worries though. I remember when the left of this board erupted over Trump possibly doing similar things to e-cigs. I was ready to get frothy with them. lol

First of all, I will say that I am NOT proposing banning vaping.

All I would propose is banning industry from making certain claims.

At least a dozen or so people on this very forum quit tobacco thanks to e-cigs. I’m just glad we have that cleared up now.

Anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotes are not the singular of data.

Continuing peer reviewed research will indicate whether those individuals you mention are the rule or the exception to the rule.

Yes, anecdotal evidence that can be found in every last circle of smokers in the nation.

But yes also, there are propaganda pieces being pushed around as “Science!” from people with money to make. :wink:

The peer reviewed research in regards to regular cigarettes turned out to be accurate.

Not sure why there would be any difference in regards to e-cigarettes.

Appeal to authority.

There is no world in which vaporizing these three ingredients at low temps is anywhere near as harmful as combusting 5,000 carbon-based chemicals.


I’m one of them. I was a two pack a day smoker for over 30 years. I got a “home made” ecig with DIY juice for a guy I met in a chat room before they were available commercially. You had to put 3 drops of juice in a crude atomizer and got maybe 3 hits. But the day that came in the mail was the day I quit tobacco. Within a few weeks, I no longer coughed and my taste in food changed dramatically. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.


Nobody is saying that it is as harmful.

But it is clearly harmful, just not as harmful as regular cigarettes.

E-cigarette users have a right to know, via peer reviewed research when it becomes available, exactly how harmful.

As for appeal to authority. While I don’t take peer reviewed research as gospel, as things can change due to the finding of new facts, it should be highly influential in decision making.

I definitely struggled, but in all the times I quit smoking, that one was permanent. I haven’t even had nicotine in months at this point, but I still vape throughout the day. It’s the asphyxiation I’m truly addicted to, not the chemicals.

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No, but someone did say this, which is incorrect:

I say again,

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Anyone who thinks ecigs are harmless really needs to read more. Of course inhaling chemicals into your lungs is not healthy. But for those of us who can’t quit, it is a decent option. My lung scans have shown definite improvement over the years since I quit tobacco.


E-cigarettes have saved more smokers’ lives than any government regulation, tax, commercial campaign, etc., could ever dream of. They really are unsung heroes.