Mexico staying with coal

Wonder how many developing nations really give a ■■■■ about this?

does America base its policy on the opinion of Mexico?


Last I checked it was called GLOBAL warming or GLOBAL climate change.


I know that when I’m deciding how to invest, I always drive three towns over and ask the guy with the ‘92 Plymouth on blocks in his driveway what I should do.

That’s why you chumps have stocks, and I’ve got Desert Storm trading cards. We’ll see who’s retiring first, suckas.


“Ironically, López Obrador’s biggest constituency, the working class, may suffer the most from droughts, floods and other effects of a warming climate.”

Ironically, the author of that piece made that up.


So, you don’t respect the opinion of brown people?

(Just returning the favor of how the left handles this sort of thing)


For now. He’s out in 2024, and in the meantime, a variety of things might change his mind

Wait. So coal is the future now? Amazing!!!

So America shouldn’t develop and support green technology because China and Mexico aren’t.

It’s simpler than that.

Many on the right chide China and Mexico incessantly for their economics, human rights, corruption, disease, crime, etc. However, when either country does something they approve of, no matter how much disdain they might have, they reach a dilemma. How can a country that I loathe do something I approve?

The fallback is simple, either ignore all they dislike in favor of what they do, or use the “even the country I don’t like is doing it” argument. Both are equally fallacious. Both are as old as humankind.


Coal usage in the US under Trump dropped the most it ever has, like by 25%. Woops. Well I guess Mexico is leading the way.

Seems like a dumb move with solar signing contracts for 2.5 cents a Kwh right now and likely to continue dropping.

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The logic of this roughly is equivalent to “Other people commit murder. Why shouldn’t I?”

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Make America sooty again!

That’s racist.

If developing countries wanna live like that, I don’t really care. I just don’t wanna breathe and drink that ■■■■ in my country.

Are they staying with telegram and blockbuster video too?


That’s everywhere outside the west. As many point out it it’s a global problem it takes a global solution. I have heard many say “They need time to grow first”. I am not sure how that works out if you have John Kerry , AOC, and other politicians saying the world will end within a decade.

If one truly believes that they can’t at the same time think it’s ok to wait while developing nations use fossils and burn the planet.

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That’s not made up.

The working class always suffer leaders shortcomings and believe me this is a shortcoming.

Mexico City is one polluted city.

I guess when you live in a mansion in someplace other then MC the pollution ain’t that bad.


Candy gram for mongo


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