Mexico elects 1st female president following deadliest election campaign in country's modern history. . . . 37 candidates assassinated

The Mexicans at least aren’t cosplaying like the residents of certain nations I could name when they say they’re risking their lives against oppression.

So the Palestinians have no blame for why Oslo completely fell apart? The Second Intifada doesn’t matter?

Both sides made guarantees to the other. The Israelis promised them a state made out of the occupied territories and the Palestinians promised not to do terrorism.

Based on the history, I’d say both sides failed to live up to their guarantees.

I didn’t say they didn’t. I’m just saying that these arguments aren’t very much different than Soitb Africa and the bantustans. Even if the internal political divisions they intentionally set up to fail governmentally failed like they planned, eventually the South Africans went too far and turned the entire planet against them.

Israel is now very close to that spot, and the only thing stopping it is the US using their veto on the Security Council and pretty soon that’s not gonna be enough either.

“influencers” :roll_eyes:

I’ve posted articles from independent journalists for years because I recognize the current media outlets are nothing but sheople troughs. Remember Andy Ngo? I introduced him years ago when there was so much excitement in Portland. He was on the front line, showing the reality of what was happening. That’s what I like…the truth.

It wasn’t when I began using them to locate local, independent journalists years ago. What social media people like yourself now label them may have changed but I haven’t.

What social media people.

Don’t assume.

You use social media as your primary source of news. You just don’t realize it despite your claims to perceive things that others refuse to.

I’m sorry that was too deep. Youtube may be labeled “social media” now but it wasn’t when I began using them. As I said, I have NEVER had a social media account…period.

Question; how is it you can possibly have the time to be on this site for so many hours/day?

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Of course it was social media from its inception

This forum is also social media.

You just don’t understand what the term means and that’s fine.

The premise of your question is wrong. Otherwise i have been prettu open about what i do. This place is my respite and stress relief and at this point an obvious addiction. Because somebody is always wrong on the internet and this is the only place that i play.

It’s also the only place i scroll. Those who actually know what constitute social media will understand that :blush:

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That is the problem…they are not journalists…they are people pushing an opinion/agenda…and seek out any evidence they can find, and when they can’t, thay make it up, or distort the truth…in an attempt authenticate their agenda.

O’keefe got famous and rich doing that, with conservative backers…and a whole bunch of people emulated his tactics.

And you swallow it all…as it fits your agenda.

So in other words journalists?

We’ve degraded a long way from people like Cronkite.


Today’s media sucks…

There are still good investigative journalists, but it does not sell, so they do not get the exposure they deserve.

Jon Stewart nailed the media perfectly, and their inability to actually do their job.
Watch the Daily show on 6-3.

I’ve been a Stewart fan since I was like 14. Dude is smart, generally balanced, and makes one laugh hysterically while he does it.

And I will say that enjoy The Atlantic’s (not balanced at all) investigative journalism. That’s like the one part of my Apple News Plus subscription I take advantage of.

You just described every news organization today. Every news station from fox news to NBC ABC CBS CNN ect are pushing an opinion/agenda. They seek out evidence to support their agenda and when they can’t they make it up or distort the truth in an attempt to advance their agenda. And you swallow what they push and you repeat their lies because it fits your agenda.

Extreme cons have been saying that since forever, regarding the press.

Keep in mind, Cable news opinion shows are barely news…they are mostly entertainment.

You just proved that you believe the lies your democrat news feeds you. Talk about being sheep.