Mexico And The US Coming To New NAFTA Deal

Mexico and the US are going to sign a new NAFTA deal. this is something it seems that Trump’s critics thought would never happen. After this deal is signed, Canada will have no choice but to come to a renewed agreement as well. Coming in late to the process, I feel they have put themselves at a distinct disadvantage.

Mexican official says NAFTA talks with the US have ‘concluded,’ deal announcement coming

A Mexican official told CNBC on Monday that trade talks with the U.S. have wrapped up, adding that an announcement could come later in the day. **
** Officials were in Washington trying to hammer out the details as the Trump administration pushes to remake the 1994 agreement between the U.S., Mexico and Canada. There was some hope that a new NAFTA could be solidified before Mexico’s government turnover on December 1.

I tried to offer my opinion, that the tough talks about tariffs might be just be Trump’s rough and tumble negotiation style and tactic, but the Trump critics would here none of it.

Trump has been condemned mightily by his critics for destroying trade between the US and Canada. It seemed no one was willing to give the president the benefit of the doubt, take pause, and just give some room for the president to negotiate.

Will Trump’s critics temper their rhetoric now, and give him the benefit of the doubt that he just might be following a plan? Or will they stick to hating him, and condemning everything he does, even if they are actively working against America’s interests?

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Personally, I’ll wait to see what the deal entails, and whether or not all parties will sign it before I break open the champagne and begin cheering success.


Agreed. What is this deal and how different is it from NAFTA?


I don’t see any information on the agreement, what do you expect, just blindly cheering?

That’s a start. It’s better than the collective foot stomping and condemning everything Trump does, out of hand, that his critics usually do.

Is it as good as the North Korea “deal”?


Is Canada on board?
Will the Senate ratify?

Is this how they’re going to pay for the wall?

Typical response i’d expect.

You must use snark and ridicule as a way to make sure you remind everyone that you still despise Trump. this way, not acting like the unbalanced Trump-hater, people won’t call you a Trumpkin sycophant.


His track record on deals we know about so far is not good.

*North Korea- where he got less of a promise to denuclearize than his predecessors…and even fewer concrete actions.
*NATO- where he got the allies to “agree” to terms and timelines to increase their own defense spending they’d already agreed to when Obama was President.

So far we’ve heard of promising developments in trade with the EU and now Mexico. I suppose there’s always hope- I want to see the details.

I know he was using tariffs as a way to force people to the table. I’m not against that as a tactic.

I’m against it where it’s not necessary.

Canada, whom you mention here, is one of the few nations we enjoy a favorable trade balance and trade terms with, so why are they being browbeaten and isolated? It makes absolutely zero sense…well, except that Trudeau scolded him and hasn’t backed down from that.

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I’ll add also that I’m hopeful it is everything that it’s being hyped up to be. But I’ve seen this movie before as well when it comes to declarations of victory from Trump. See North Korea as one of the more recent examples.

I agree there are plenty who will never give Trump credit, regardless. I’m not one of those though. I’ll remain hopeful we will have a final deal that benefits America, American businesses, farms, and workers.


The question is, can people like Trudeau do what is in the best interest of their nations and people, and keep their personal feelings of dislike for Trump, from clouding their judgement?

Every “deal” he has done so far is a lie or garbage, what do you expect? Blind support?

I think Trump’s critics in the media, and within the ranks of our elected representatives, have been so quick to criticize everything Trump does, that these trade negotiations are made all that more difficult


He proclaimed that the nuclear threat in NK was over, which was a straight up lie, so yeah call me what you want, I will wait to see details first. You are welcome to blindly cheer anything he does.

I’m sure this will be very successful - before it all falls apart.

There is a negotiation process, we are still in that stage. Seems like you choose to nitpick and criticize the president, as the process proceeds. why not allow the process to unfold according to Trump admins plans?

Do people realize their is a process in negotiations? Many times the negotiating tactics employed by our country, purposely create false assumptions to be arrived at by our opponents. Ever hear of a rope-a-dope? Perceptions observed during a negotiation can be deceiving.

My point is, whether it’s trade or this North Korean nuke deal, it makes negotiations unnecessarily difficult on the US, and cause them to drag out, when our own US news media, and some of our elected officials come out hard to ridicule and undermine the process by our own US administration.

I simply want to wait to see details, his track record is not good so far; you are the one criticizing people for not blindly cheering.

you make it easy. The rhetoric Trump is using is a part of the process, and here you are condemning him for it.